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Atari - 2600
USAUnlicensedPrototypes • (MIA)


Confirmed to exist

Not confirmed to exist

Name Region Notes Cart Pictures PCB Pictures
SwordQuest - Airworld USA only about 20% complete, no cart may have been issued
  • AD&D - Tower of Mystery (USA) (Proto)
  • AD&D - Treasure of Tarmin (USA) (Proto)
  • Anteater (USA) (Proto)
  • In Search of the Golden Skull (USA) (Proto)
  • Mark of the Mole (USA) (Proto)
  • Donald Duck's Speedboat (USA) (Proto) (1983-05-16)
  • Fantastic Voyage (USA) (Proto)
  • Frog Pond (USA) (Proto) - 2 versions (early and mid-level WIP)
  • Gyruss (USA) (Proto) - 4 versions
  • James Bond 007 (USA) (Proto) - multiple versions (supposedly there is another version with different music, too)
  • Mystery Mansion (Haunted House Proto) (USA) (Proto) (1981-08-12)