Bandai - WonderSwan (Color) bootsplash undumped

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Bandai - Bandai WonderSwan (Color)
Retail: WonderSwan (Color)WonderSwan Color bootsplashBenesse Pocket Challenge v2

Prototypes:WonderSwan (Color)

Other Benesse (not WS compatible):Pocket Challenge W

The console has a IPL one-time writable ROM and then a rewritable IEEPROM. The IPL ROM is different between the three major revisions of consoles, but is suspected to not change between units. The IEEPROM is modified on every boot and stores information like the number of boot times and names of games launched. It also has a dedicated area for custom startup bootsplashes on the WS Color and SwanCrystal models. These were either preloaded on limited edition consoles, or written to the console by a special cartridge on events.

Name Japanese Name CRC32 Notes Gallery Link Dumped
NAVI GET 400 Million NAVI GET 4億 YES
WonderSwan Color Digimon Growlmon Info Info 2 Info 3 NO
WonderSwan Color Gundam RX-78-2 Info YES
WonderSwan Color Gundam Zaku II MS-06S Info YES
WonderSwan Color Inuyasha Event special, was loaded for 100 participants on their WSC Info Auction NO
CrystalSwan mama Mitte' Info NO
CrystalSwan SwanColloseum Info YES