Bandai - WonderSwan (Color) prototypes undumped

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Bandai - Bandai WonderSwan (Color)
Retail: WonderSwan (Color)WonderSwan Color bootsplashBenesse Pocket Challenge v2

Prototypes:WonderSwan (Color)

Other Benesse (not WS compatible):Pocket Challenge W

Game Prototypes

Name Japanese Name Revision Notes Link
GunPey Sample 98/12/29 Pic
GunPey Sample 98/1/15 Pic
Kosodate Quiz - Dokodemo My Angel (Master Ver.) Sample Pic
Rhyme Rider Kerorican ライムライダー・ケロリカン Cart says ケロリカン // サンプル (Kerorican // Sample) and バンダイ資産 // 要返却 (Property of Bandai // Must Return) Pic
Terrors 2 Sample Pic
Rockman EXE Sample Pic
Dokodemo Hamster Pic & Info
SD Gundam Sample Pic
Nice On Prototype of this Pic & Info
Densha de GO Auction
Flash Koibito-kun Koubunsha Juchuu-you ROM FLASH 恋人クン 光文社受注用ROM No 10 Prototype of this Auction

Internal Tools

Name Japanese Name Revision Notes Link
SWAN Reciever v1.0(916)r Some kind of test program Auction
Sound Design Tool v1.093C Pic & Info