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Note: Field data types (boolean, string etc) listed on this page and related pages are just what is exposed via the submission forms' HTML and the "custom xml" import format, not necessarily what the database uses internally.


  • Scene Dump = Dump originating from a scene release by the warez/piracy scene
  • Verified = ROM has two or more Trusted Dumps
  • Locked = DATs are locked to prevent edit conflicts when someone is doing a lot of edits. In the future DoM may be reworked so that DATs can still be viewed/downloaded while they are locked.
  • Licensed = Game was licensed to run on the console by the console manufacturer (ie. Nintendo Seal of Quality)
  • Unlicensed = Any game created for a console but wasn't approved for sale by the console manufacturer (ie. Sachen, Piko Interactive, Mega Cat Studios)
  • Aftermarket = Unlicensed games that were distributed after the last-known original licensed game released for that platform. Please see the Aftermarket Guide for more info.
  • Pirate = Unlicensed games using assets that have been used without consent of the owner.
  • Beta = Pre-release build of a game that was eventually completed.
  • Prototype (Proto) = Pre-release build of a game that was never finished.
  • Private = Games released for new platforms, or recently-released (<10 years old) unlicensed games for legacy platforms that were paid at the time of datting. Please see the Aftermarket Guide for a decision tree.

Checking ROM status

  • Go here.
  • Choose the system you want to look up your game for, and pick "Search".
  • Input the title of the game you wish to check the dump status for and click "Search" again. Note: Be sure your syntax is correct for the title, otherwise it won't pop up.
  • You may see a few entries for the title, this can be region or revisions. ROMs will be in three basic categories: verified (two or more trusted dumps), Not verified (one trusted dump, and/or one or more untrusted dumps) or bad.
  • Bad ROMs and and Not verified ROMs need to be redumped. Sometimes it is also useful to redump already trusted dumps, if the dump doesn't have much info (like no photos of the PCB).

Add a new archive (i.e. ROM)

  • Choose the system from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • Click "submit" at the top of the page to display the archive creation form.
  • Fill out the fields
  • Click "Submit"
  • Add a new source

Add a new source

  • In the archive, click "Submit new dump"
  • Fill out the fields
  • Click "Submit"
  • Add a new file

Add a new file

[to do]

Note on editing files after they've been added:

  • Don't change the hashes of a file to make them represent a different file - file entries should only be edited if a typo/copy-paste error was made.

List "suspected missing revisions"

[explain what this does]

  • Click on the Search tab.
  • Choose the system using the drop-down list under the banner.
  • Click on Reports.
  • Select "2. Selected missing revisions" from the the "Choose report:" drop-down list.