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==System Specific Dumping Guides==
==System Specific Dumping Guides==
* '''IBM PC Compatible'''
** [[Steam Game Preservation|Steam]]
* '''Nintendo Cartridges'''
* '''Nintendo Cartridges'''
** [[Famicom Disk System Dumping Guide|Famicom Disk System]]
** [[Famicom Disk System Dumping Guide|Famicom Disk System]]

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Welcome to our dumping guides page! We hope to add more systems in the near future to this list and improve our pre-existing guides for ease and clarity.

Please, take some time to read our Disclaimer before you start doing anything.

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System Specific Dumping Guides

Useful Software

  • GameHeader - GUI tool for viewing ROM header and generating checksums of NES, FDS, GB, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA and NDS ROMs
  • Crappy Tiny Reader (CTR) - GUI tool for viewing ROM header of DS(i) and 3DS ROMs

Useful Info

Would Be Useful

  • More ROM dumper homebrew
    • GB/GBC dumper for GameCube via Game Boy Player or Game Boy Link Cable. There are GBA methods, but do they work for GB/GBC?
    • TapeDump-like homebrew for SNES/GBA (for the SNES, maybe GB/C dumping could also be done, via the Super Game Boy).
  • Look into clone consoles that have external storage + cart slot
  • nds-constraint exploit for DS - could it be used to run homebrew code?