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This describes conventions that I've observed (plus some small new suggested conventions). Its not an "official" thing like the Naming Convention and its much newer and less thought-through.



Form HTML name: file_format
Custom XML name: format

Format of the file, for dats with multiple formats (e.g. Big Endian and Byteswapped for N64). Leave blank in XML to use the default format.

Native filename

Form HTML name: file_forcename
Custom XML name: forcename

Used for digital files where it is sensible to preserve the original filename. Not used for physical stuff most of the time.

Scene filename

Form HTML name: file_forcescenename
Custom XML name: forcescenename

Only for scene release sources.


Form HTML name: file_item
Custom XML name: item

Stuff like "Side A" for floppy disks, or "Disc 1" for optical discs.


Form HTML name: file_extension
Custom XML name: extension

File extension. Not used if native filename is used.


Form HTML name: file_crc32
Custom XML name: crc


Form HTML name: file_md5
Custom XML name: md5


Form HTML name: file_sha1
Custom XML name: sha1


Form HTML name: file_sha256
Custom XML name: sha256

File note

Form HTML name: file_note
Custom XML name: [unknown]

File filter

Form HTML name: file_filter
Custom XML name: [unknown]

File version

Form HTML name: file_version
Custom XML name: version

File version

Form HTML name: file_version
Custom XML name: version

File update type

Form HTML name: file_update_type
Custom XML name: utype

File serial

Form HTML name: file_update_type
Custom XML name: file_serial

Bad dump

Form HTML name: file_bad
Custom XML name: bad

Send to datfile

Form HTML name: file_datfile
Custom XML name: [unknown]


Form HTML name: file_unique
Custom XML name: unique

Merged filename

Form HTML name: file_mergename
Custom XML name: mergename