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Confirmed to exist

  • Funny Soccer
  • Gloop Deluxe
  • Pinball Dreams
  • Story of Bug Eyed Monster
  • Super Plusha
  • Tears: Contact
  • Winter Is...

Not Confirmed to Exist

  • Tears: Contact (not sure this game title exist for the GP32)
  • Tears - Another Story added (not 100% verified whether it is a final version or not)

Do not exists

  • 달려라 하니 시리즈 ~ Ride Do Series

It's a case of mistranslation: searching around I found an article that mentions games for some korean franchises being made for the GP32, including one for the Run Hani series, a sports korean anime. The characters for "Run Hani" are the same as those that got translated as "Ride Do", so the game is already accounted for, since it's Hany Party Game.

  • 강행돌파

강행돌파 is the last part of the name of the Her Knights game, and I have not found anything else with that name, when checking to see if it was just a coincidence.