Game Boy (Color) Dumping Guide

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Transfer Pack Method




Link Cable-Raspberry Pi Method


Link Cable-Adapter-PC Method


Audio Cable Method


Gathering Dump Info

Don't worry if you can't get all of the "physical metadata" (photos, serials and such) as the dump may still be accepted.

  • CRC32: Generated from the ROM file using HxD or HashTab on windows, or by using crc32 in a terminal emulator for linux/mac.
  • MD5: As above, or by using md5 in a terminal emulator for linux/mac.
  • SHA-1: As above, or by using shasum -a 1 in a terminal emulator for linux/mac.
  • SHA-256: As above, or by using shasum -a 256 in a terminal emulator for linux/mac.
  • Game title: If it differs between different places (e.g. title screen, console menu banner, box, cart) then go with the one on the front of the box.
  • ROM Region: The region found in the ROM data.
  • ROM Revision: The revision found in the ROM data.
  • ROM Serial: The four-character serial found in the ROM data, but seemingly only in newer GBC games.
  • Languages/Language Select: Some games either show a language selection screen at startup or in the game options. Note that it is possible to submit a game without checking the languages, but this then needs to be stated in your submission.
    • Tip: Using an emulator like bgb can speed up the language checking dramatically.
  • Cart Serial: It is located on the label on the front of the cart the form of "DMG-XX-XXX" (where X is a letter or number), also it may have a number (Like -1 or -2) appended. For additional information on cartridge serials, see Understanding Serials.
  • Box Barcode: The number on the case displayed beneath the vertical lines, see Barcode.
  • Box Serial: The serial on the case. Example: [todo].
  • Size: The size of the ROM in bytes.
  • PCB serial(s): The string of characters displayed on the front of the board inside the cart. You may need a tri-wing screwdriver to get inside the cart without damaging the screw.
  • Chip(s) serial(s): The codes on the ROM chip inside the cart.
  • Scans: The following scans (or photos): Front and back of the following items - box, cart and PCB.

Submitting Info to No-Intro

If you have datter rights you can submit the dumpinfo using the "Submit" form in DAT-o-MATIC.

Otherwise post the info in the New Dumps & Redumps section of the forum.