General datting guide

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  • Do not add dump to DoM unless you are going to add it properly+fully and have got as much info off the dumper as you reasonably can.
  • Serials should be separated with a comma and no space
  • Box barcodes should be added on their own line in Comment+ like
    Box barcode: X XXXXX XXXXX X<tab>XXXXX
    (preserving spaces if there are any and putting an actual tab to represent gaps between different "barcode boxes"). Put a comma (no space) if the two barcodes are completely separate.
  • Publisher/developer serials on carts should be recorded in their own line in Comment+ like
    [Company name] serial on [box/cart] [front/back]: XXXXXXXX
    • For consistency, list Company names used in DoM for this purpose here:
      • Activision
    • If you don't know what code company (if any) they are for, just put them down as for example Additional cart front serial in the Comment+
  • If the language hasn't been checked, make a discussion called !langs-not-checked. The body of the discussion doesn't have to the same.
  • HTTP response headers should be added in the Comment+, each starting with !http-response-header-start and then a newline and ending with a newline and !http-response-header-end. To specify what file the header is for, use !http-response-header-define: filename on the line before behind each !http-response-header-start.
  • PC game platforms should be added as !pc-platform-[platform] each on line on the sticky note (e.g. !pc-platform-windows). Valid values: windows, mac, linux.
  • anonomous dumper names like !anon-YYYY-MM-DD-############### can be used to uniquely identify an anonymous dumper, where YYYY-MM-DD is the GMT date the id was generated and ############### is a randomly generated lowercase alphanumeric 16-character string. The same id should be used across multiple dumps by the same anonymous person.
  • If the ROM was dumped as trimmed (dumping tool guesses or checks when the "real" data ends), but then restored from the header field, you can add: [Dumped as trimmed, restored from header] to the comment1 field
  • If the dump date is from the http response header(s) date field, put [Date from HTTP headers] in the comment2 field.
  • If the file sizes are from the http response header(s) length field, put [Sizes from HTTP headers] in the comment2 field.