Generic Gathering Dump Info Guide

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basically, the info that is required (or at least wanted) is:

  • who dumped it (although this can be set to !anonymous, or !unknown in the database)
  • when it was dumped
  • what hardware and software (inc. version numbers) was used to dump it
  • what the media is/where the data came from (e.g. retail NES cart, proto NES cart, pressed CD-ROM, CD-R, download from a website or CDN)
  • comprehensive photos (or scans) of the media + associated items (e.g. box). note that if the box was bought seperately from the cart/disc, then that should be noted/it shouldn't be photographed/scanned.
  • any codes that can be retrieved from the hardware, but isn't exactly ROM data (e.g. DS carts can send a "cart id" if the right command is sent)
  • size in bytes, crc32, md5, sha1 and sha256 of the dump(s)
    • if its from the web/a CDN, then filename, HTTP response header(s), URLs and CDN-specific metadata should be provided.