Getting Started Preserving Games at No-Intro

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Welcome to the start of your video game preservation career! This guide will point brand newbies in the right direction to help out preserving games.

  1. To find out if a game is needed, go here.
    1. Choose the system you want to look up your game for, and pick "Search".
    2. Input the title of the game you wish to check the dump status for and click "Search" again. Note: Be sure your syntax is correct for the title, otherwise it won't pop up.
    3. You may see a few entries for the title, this can be region or revisions. Roms will be categorized as Verified (two or more Trusted dumps), Trusted (one Trusted Dump), Not Verified (no Trusted dumps), or Bad (only Bad dumps).
    4. Bad roms need to be redumped, and are a high priority. Not Verified and Trusted roms would be helpful to have someone redump and verify.
    5. Also see the Undumped Games Lists which may or may not be comprehensive, depending on the system.
  2. Now you will need to dump your games, with one of our Dumping Guides. If the system you're interested in dumping for doesn't have a dumping guide, please see the No-Intro forum and post a request for a wiki dumping guide for the system there.
  3. Post the results of your dump (game hashes, and info) on the No-Intro forum as a submission.