IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Epic Games Launcher) undumped

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Everything, but especially:

  • Non-exclusives and older/newer game versions, which are less likely to be dumped by scene/p2p
  • Manifest files, which appear to differ between downloads and possibly versions
  • Delta patches - not documented how to obtain these yet
  • HTTP Header responses for content downloads (although these may be worthless depeding on what headers the server provides)
  • Store metadata, which is presevered to an unknown degree in a possibly not-publicly-accessible-fashion by [whatever that third-party site was]
  • The/a initial version of Axiom Verge, which was missing all files with "steam" in the name, making the game crash at a certain point.
  • The Heavy Rain demo, which was removed due to having Denuvo DRM, then was re-added without the Denuvo DRM, then removed again - its not available as of 2019-09-29.
  • The Beyond: Two Souls, which is not available as of 2019-09-29.