Microsoft Xbox 360 Digital Software Dumping Guide

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Just a barebones page for now.

  • Encrypted game data can be downloaded from the CDN directly.
  • Game decryption keys can apparently be dumped using consoles that have genuine game installs on them, and some method that's apparently being hoarded.
  • Game data can be dumped from consoles using homebrew file manager tools or a method to read the drive on your PC.
    • However the data, as stored on the console, is decrypted, and has part of the header signed for that specific console. This signature can be zeroed out to get reproducible hashes. But it may be worth storing the signature in a separate file, in case its useful for file integrity purposes. It doesn't seem like the signature is required to run the dumped game on modded consoles.
    • It may also be worth recording the last-modified date of the game files on the Xbox's filesystem.