Nintendo - Game Boy (Color) prototypes undumped

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Nintendo - Game Boy / Color
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Unlicensed:All regions
Prototypes:All regions

(Dumping guide)

Nintendo - Game Boy

Nintendo - Game Boy Color

Confirmed to exist

Region Name Notes Picture(s) Transcription(s) Translation(s)
Japan DuckTales Sold via Yahoo Auctions. Seller didn't compare it with the final version - says he couldn't get a hold of it.
要返却    DT-13
Return required    DT-13
Japan Metal Gear Solid - Ghost Babel Seen in Twitter post. Owner wanted to dump. (todo add pics from twitter)
Japan Outburst Sold via Yahoo Auctions. (todo add pics from auction)
USA Titus Jr. Unreleased GBC game, Unseen64 link, game footage