Nintendo - Game Boy (Color) undumped

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USA, Europe

Name Media Serial ROM Serial Revision Stamp Notes Cart/Box Pictures/Screenshots
Boxxle DMG-SO-XXX DMG-SOE-0 (none) No no-stamp revision dumped.


Name Media Serial ROM Serial Revision Stamp Notes Cart/Box Pictures/Screenshots
Nikkan Berutomo Club DMG-ANTJ-JPN DMG-ANTJ-0 (none) Suspected Bad Dump, because of repeated ロ (KATAKANA RO) on name entry screen. DMG Nikkan Berutomo Club Name Entry.png
Shin Keiba Kizoku Pocket Jockey DMG-AQGJ-JPN DMG-AQGJ-0 (none) Suspected that A revision contains DMG-KECN PCB, whereas no-stamp revision contains DMG-LFDN PCB. ROM most likely identical.
Hyper Lode Runner DMG-HLA DMG-HLA-0 (none) Unclear revision stamps and unsure if no-stamp revision with ROM revision 0 exists.
Kinin Koumaroku Oni DMG-ONJ DMG-ONJ-1 A Mentioned in this 2chan post when a guy tries (and fails) to dump it.
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Kuro no Sho DMG-BHEJ-JPN DMG-BHEJ-1 A Suspected, because partner game Aka no Show has physical revision and Kuro no Sho on Virtual Console is Revision 1.
Sanrio Timenet - Mirai Hen DMG-ATFJ-JPN DMG-ATFJ-1 A Hashes for physical cartridge (but no dump) posted on Revision X's blog. Revision 1 ROM was distributed on Nintendo Power cartridges.
Robot Poncots - Taikenban DMG-ARTJ-JPN DMG-ARTJ-0 (none) Not-for-Resale magazine exclusive. Only 500 given away.
Granduel - Shinki Dungeon no Hihou - Taikenban CGB-A7PJ-JPN CGB-A7PJ-0 (none) Not-for-Resale special version for Tokyo Game Show. Limited to 3000 copies.
Gakkyuu Ou Yamazaki DMG-AYMJ-JPN DMG-AYMJ-0 (none) Missing Revision 0 ROM.
Jissen ni Yakudatsu Tsumego CGB-BJTJ-JPN CGB-BJTJ-0 (none) Missing Revision 0 ROM.
Monster Traveler CGB-BFVJ-JPN CGB-BFVJ-0 (none) Missing Revision 0 ROM.