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These are in the ~2013 lotcheck sheet unless otherwise noted


ARTP0	Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure (Demo)
AREK0	RedPepper (仮) (Demo) (KOR)
AMKK0	DASH (仮) (KOR)(Demo Version)
AMKW0	DASH (demo) (tentative) (TWN)
AQEK0	(Demo) Queen (tentative) (KOR)
AQEW0	(Demo) Queen (tentative) (TWN)
ADCK0	Friends (tentative) [Toy] (KOR) (Demo)
AKKS0	El profesor Layton 5 Demo
AKKI0	Professor Layton 5 Versione demo
AKKH0	Professor Layton 5 Demoversie
AKKF0	Professeur Layton 5 Version démo
AKKD0	Professor Layton 5 Demoversion
AREW0	RedPepper (tentative) (Demo)
ABEK0	Big Red (tentative) (KOR) (demo)
ADCW0	(Demo) Friends (tentative)
ASRP0	SPARTA(tentative) (demo)
AGAW0	(Demo)Grand Slam (tentative)
AGAK0	(Demo)Grand Slam (tentative) (KOR)
ANRE0	Oinari (Tentative) (Demo)
ANRP0	Oinari (Tentative) (Demo)
ABEW0	Big Red (tentative) (TWN) (demo)
ASRP0	SPARTA(tentative) (demo)
ACLK0	Cadillac (tentative) (DEMO)  (KOR)