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Each entry is on the Nintendo spreadsheet unless otherwise stated.



Game ID Revision Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s)
WC11 0  ? Wireless testing tool used by the USA's Federal Communications Commission. Pictures are from FCC and "cart front" image appears to be digitally annotated. Not spotted "in the wild" as far as I know. cart front, cart back, pcb front, pcb back


Game ID Revision Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Buy
AHDE 1 Jam Sessions - Sing & Play Guitar Rev 0 dumped. Bought by SuperNintendoChalmers front, back

Probably Exist


Game ID Revision Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Buy
BB7E 1 Barbie: Groom and Glam Pups Rev 0 dumped. If it exists, this will be a Little Orbit published re-release.
CQAE 1 Brain Quest - Grades 3 & 4 Rev 0 dumped
CQBE 1 Brain Quest - Grades 5 & 6 Rev 0 dumped
BPNE 0 Discovery Kids - Snake Safari Rev 1 dumped
TFNE 1 Finding Nemo - Escape to the Big Blue - Special Edition Rev 0 dumped. This Rev is listed to contain En/Fr/Es languages (Rev 0 is English-only).
CHVE 1 Happy Cooking Rev 0 dumped
CW6E 1 Imagine - Wedding Designer Rev 0 dumped
BJ7E 1 Jewel Master - Cradle of Athena Rev 0 dumped
CATE 1 Petz - Catz Clan Owned by Myria
CM8E 1 Petz - Monkeyz House Rev 0 dumped
A8NE 1 Planet Puzzle League Rev 0 dumped
BRLE 1 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey - Circus Friends - Asian Elephants Rev 0 dumped
YV4E 1 Spectrobes - Beyond the Portals Rev 0 dumped

Probably Don't Exist

Unless mentioned otherwise, the games listed here are part of a group of 551 releases in the beginning of the Nintendo sheet that seems to list canceled releases. The NDSi Enhanced sheet begins with another 32 releases with the same indications of being cancelled releases.


Game ID Revision Name Notes
BX6E 0 100 Classic Games Canceled US version
A8BE 0 8BallAllstars Canceled US version
YMBE 0 Afterschool Mystery Club - 13 Creepy Chambers Canceled. Related to YMVE?
YMCE 0 Afterschool Mystery Club - 13 Rooms of Doom Canceled. Same game?
CP9E 0 American Popstar: Road to Celebrity! Canceled. Released later as DSiWare
ALCE 0 Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action! Canceled US version
BAME 0 Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard Canceled US version
BW8E 0 Around the World in 80 Days Canceled US version
YASE 0 ASH - Archaic Sealed Heat Canceled US version
CWXE 0 Brave - Shaman's Challenge Canceled worldwide
C7VE 0 Bridge Training Canceled US version
BUTE 0 Call of Atlantis Canceled US version
B7IE 0 Chainz Galaxy Canceled US version
B8QE 0 Challenge Me Kids: Brain Games Canceled US version
YJWE 0 Chicken Hunter - Jewel of Darkness Canceled US version of Moorhuhn
AW6E 0 Chronos Twin Canceled US version
C2OE 0 Classic Word Games Canceled non-DSi enhanced release
CKLE 0 Clueless Fashion Canceled worldwide.
CVHE 0 Diva Girls: Diva Dancers Canceled US version
BDME 0 Dragon Master Canceled US version
BZNE 0 Einstein's Brain Power Canceled.
YEFE 0 Elf Bowling - Collector's Edition Canceled.
BUEE 0 Emily Archer - The Curse of King Tut's Tomb Canceled US version
BFME 0 Famous Canceled US version
BHIE 0 Fix It - Home Improvement Challenge Canceled US version
BVXE 0 Fractured Soul Canceled. Redeveloped for 3DS
BMHE 0 House M.D. Canceled US version
YHCE 0 Heracles - Battle with the Gods Canceled US version
BUUE 0 Hollywood Files - Deadly Intrigues Canceled US version
C65E 0 Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans Canceled US version
BHHE 0 Horrid Henry - Missions of Mischief Canceled US version
CCJE 0 Hospital Giant Canceled US version
BHJE 0 Housebuilder Canceled.
CFOE 0 Jake Power - Soccer Club Canceled.
BZ5E 0 JumpStart Pet Party Canceled.
BTRE 0 Jungle School Canceled US version
BLGE 0 Langenscheidt Standard Dictionary Spanish Canceled.
CL3E 0 Love Is... in Bloom - The Flower Shop Garden Canceled US version.
TRCE 0 Madagascar 3 & The Croods: Prehistoric Party: Combo Pack Canceled US version, was released on 3DS instead
BNOE 0 Magic Encyclopedia: Moonlight Canceled US version
BUVE 0 Match 3 Madness Canceled US version
C3GE 0 Mean Girls Canceled worldwide.
C5CE 0 Military History Commander: Europe at War Canceled US version
BRXE 0 Mind over Matter Canceled. Also planned for EU release as Brain Relaxation
BO8E 0 MiniGolf Resort Canceled US version of German exclusive game
YONE 0 Music - Music for Everyone Canceled US version
BUBE 0 My Baby - Boy Canceled. Planned Majesco re-release
CKIE 0 My Healthy Cooking Coach Canceled non-DSi enhanced release
YQFE 0 My French Coach - Level 2 - Improve Your French Canceled US version
YQSE 0 My Spanish Coach - Level 2 - Improve Your Spanish Canceled US version
BC9E 0 My Little Helper - Spring Cleaning Canceled worldwide
BOUE 0 Mystery Masters - The Secret of the Pharaoh's Amulet Canceled US version
B4ZE 0 Naraba: The Mysterious Palace Canceled US version
B2ME 0 Naraba: The Labyrinth of Light Canceled US version
UBRE 0 Nintendo DS Browser US release uses UBRP ROM
AONE 0 Paint by DS Canceled US version
YRDE 0 Paws & Claws: Let's Ride! Riding Star Canceled US version
BUWE 0 Picture Puzzle Collection Canceled US version
C3VE 0 Pinball Deluxe Canceled US version
BA3E 0 Playmobil - Top Agents Canceled US version
CPXE 0 Pocketbook - My Personal Diary Canceled US version
A8DE 0 Pocket Pets Canceled US version of Animal Paradise
ATTE 0 Powershot Pinball Constructor Canceled US version
C58E 0 Prank'd: Prank Your Way Around the World Canceled US version of Neighbors from Hell
AYLE 0 Princess Lillifee's Magic Fairy Canceled US version
CYFE 0 Secret Files 2 - Puritas Cordis Canceled US version
CUGE 0 Secret Flirts Canceled US version
BQTE 0 Spore Creature Keeper Canceled for all platforms
ATTE 0 Tetris DS (THQ) Canceled. US prototype dumped
AG6E 0 Top Gear - Downforce Canceled. Published later as Super Speed Machines (BG6E)
BZ4E 0 Vampire Mansion: A Linda Hyde Mystery Canceled. Related to EU release BYEP?
YQTE 0 What Type Are You? Canceled.
YW9E 0 WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 featuring ECW Canceled variant of CW9E
BYUE 0 Youda Safari Canceled US version
VB3E 0 Knock 'Em Downs - World's Fair (DSi Enhanced) Probably doesn't exist, although it has a number and date on the sheet. Designed to interact with a blood glucose meter that plugs into the GBA slot. No suggestion of the DSi version found looking at official sites via Wayback Machine, and the dev was involved in financial/legal trouble around the date on the sheet.
VPWE 0 PhotoWorld DSi Canceled. Marked as NG.
VB2E 0 Fair Fantastic Canceled worldwide. Another title listed to interact with the Bayer Didget blood glucose meter.
VVFE 0 Virtual Families Canceled.
VJVE 0 Just Sing! Volume 2 Canceled US release.
VD4E 0 Dance! It's Your Stage Canceled US release.
VYFE 0 Youda Farmer Canceled US release.


Game ID Revision Name Notes
C7UE 0 Battle Of Giants: Dragons Rev 1 dumped within a day of release.
ADAE 0 Pokemon - Diamond Version Cart dumped before street date is Rev 5.
APAE 0 Pokemon - Pearl Version Cart dumped before street date is Rev 5.
BVEE 1 Puzzler World 2+ Not listed in the 551. The US release was so buggy that the publisher offered a refund or the EU version as a replacement. It's unknown if a US replacement was ever offered or if the "+" is part of the title.
V2GE 0 Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Mini-Land Mayhem! Marked as NG, Rev 1 dumped on release day.
CBQE 0 Ben 10 - Alien Force Rev 1 is dated on the sheet to about 6 weeks prior to release.


Game ID Revision Name Notes
Y8EE 0 100 Classic Books (Demo) Canceled.
Y8AE 0 Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (Demo) Canceled US version
A7UE 0 DS Download Station - Volume 20 (USA) (Demo) (Wi-Fi Kiosk) Canceled.
AT7E 0 Mario Kart DS - Beta ["for testing"]
Y8DE 0 New Super Mario Bros. (DEMO UTL) Not listed in the 551, so it might exist, but unlikely it will ever surface
Y5GE 0 Personal Trainer - Math (Demo) Canceled US version
A62E 0 Welcome to Animal Crossing - Wild World (Demo) (Kiosk) Canceled US version
A79E 0 Pokemon Ranger (Demo) (Kiosk) Not listed in the 551, so it may exist