Nintendo - Nintendo DS datting guide

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  • Cart ID should be added on its own line in Comment+ like Cart ID: XXXXXXXX
  • Box serials should be written in the order XXX-XXXX-XXX,XXX X XXXX
  • PCB serial (the one that can be seen without taking the cart apart) should be added to the PCB serial field with "▼" for the triangle character and one space character for each empty "slot". Use "•" for the small circle characters that are sometimes used. e.g. ▼ DZ P-3 C03-10.
  • If the secure area isn't used by the ROM, the "decrypted" form should still be datted as usual, but the Sticky Note should contain [Secure area not used]. TODO: All ROMs in the dat need to be should be checked to see which ones have 00 bytes in the secure area, and then tagged appropriately.