Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System Europe undumped

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Europe/PAL undumped

Name Serial Revision Notes Cart Pictures PCB Pictures
Fester's Quest PAL-EQ 1 Exists according to master list
Golf (Yard Display) PAL-GFy 0 Exists according to master list. Could be the UK-version. Current dumps are from PAL-GFm0 PRG with metric display of distance.
Mahjong PAL-MJ 0 Exists according to master list. Believed to be the rare Hong Kong version. Chip info is known as PRG: PAL-MJ-0 (LH232644 8714 E), CHR: HVC-MJ-1 (LH236783 8713 B), CIC: 3196A (8712 A), PCB: NES-NROM-128-02.
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The PAL-9M 0 Exists according to master list. UK-version.