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ROMs that have no trusted dumps

Excluding demo/proto/test carts and including Australia.

Alfred Chicken (Europe)
Beauty and the Beast (Europe)
Captain America and the Avengers (Australia)
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (Europe)
Defender of the Crown (France)
Maniac Mansion (Europe)
Mario Is Missing! (Europe)
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The (Germany)
Pac-Man (Europe)
Parasol Stars - Rainbow Islands II (Europe)
Pirates! (Europe)
Pirates! (Germany)
Predator (Australia)
Rackets & Rivals (Europe)
Snowboard Challenge (Europe)
Trolls in Crazyland, The (Europe)

Rare/expensive carts that only have unverified dumps

Stadium Events

Europe/PAL undumped

Name Serial Revision Notes Cart Pictures PCB Pictures Status
Golf (Yard Display) PAL-GFy 0 Exists according to master list. Current dumps are from PAL-GFm0 PRG with metric display of distance. An Asian cart was dumped by BigFred, turned out to be NTSC. Candidate: GBR-version with imprinted "I" (for Imperial?).
Mahjong PAL-MJ 0 Exists according to master list. Believed to be the rare Hong Kong version. Chip info is known as PRG: PAL-MJ-0 (LH232644 8714 E), CHR: HVC-MJ-1 (LH236783 8713 B), CIC: 3196A (8712 A), PCB: NES-NROM-128-02.
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The PAL-9M 0 Exists according to master list. UK-version.