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  • The file serial field in archives is being manually filled out with the Product Code by some datters. Its not being extracted in any consistent way (even though it possibly can be from the game data, for a small number of titles) and may be from just looking it up on the internet.
  • Make sure the cert at (offset 0x7000 length 0x200) is FF'd out - this is sensitive/cart-unique data. NXDumptool wipes it (unless this is disabled), but some p2p/scene releases still contain the cert.
  • CNMT NCAs in the digital CDN dat should have the file serial set to the value of the "ProgID" NCA field and the value of the CNMT "TitleId" field (comma seperated).
  • How to make FullXCI files:
    • Windows: create the zero-filled file using powershell, with either [System.IO.File]::WriteAllBytes('3584_bytes_of_zeroes', [Byte[]]::new(3584)) or $stream = (New-Item 3584_bytes_of_zeroes -ItemType File).OpenWrite(); $stream.SetLength(3584); $stream.Dispose(), then in cmd, run copy /b 512_bytes_initial_area + 3584_bytes_of_zeroes + scene_style_xci fullxci
    • Linux: cat 512_bytes_initial_area <(cat /dev/zero | head -c 3584) scene_style_xci > fullxci