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  • Digital serial: Put the titleid at 0x0 in the cnmt (not the NCA it is contained in) and put in the Comment+ on its own line "Title ID in Digital Serial field is from CNMT". [todo: a title id should be put in the "digital serial" field, but we need to determine which to use. the one stored in the cnmt is an option, but if the console stores the one from the CDN endpoint request, it would be better to use that].
  • Dump tool: e.g. "NXDumpTool vx.x.x"
  • Files (in the order used below). "Format" be set to "CDN". Native filenames should be used. Attached to each NCA file should optionally be a .txt file containing the HTTP response headers for that exact download reqest (not one from downloading it again / getting a HEAD request afterwards etc).:
    • ncas alphabetically using the "x.cnmt.nca"/"x.nca" naming (add the ".nca"/.cnmt.nca" if it isn't present - i.e. if dumped straight from CDN)
    • [lowercase_rights_id].tik (stripped ticket) (optional) [it should be defined here how exactly the ticket is stripped]
    • [lowercase_rights_id]-enctitlekey.bin (titlekey as binary data) (optional)
    • [lowercase_rights_id]-dectitlekey.bin (decrypted titlekey as binary data) (optional)
  • Dump origin:
    • "Console" - dumped from installed title data on console
    • "Dev console" - dumped from installed title data on console
    • "CDN" - title data retrieved straight from CDN to PC, via PC downloading tool (that emulates the Switch download process) or network sniffer

In most cases, you can ignore this:

  • The Game ID field in archives is being filled out with the Title ID informally by some datters. Its not being extracted in any consistent way (even though it can be from the game data) and may be from just looking it up on the internet.