Nintendo - Wii U (Digital) undumped

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Undumped Contents

Undumped because of removal from CDN.

akindo-monitor (nsuid 20010000001586):

000500001F944A00 0000000b
000500001F944A00 0000000c
000500001F944A00 0000000d
000500001F944A00 0000000e
000500001F944A00 0000000f
000500001F944A00 0000001b
000500001F944A00 0000001c
000500001F944A00 0000001d
000500001F944A00 0000001e
000500001F944A00 0000001f
000500001F944A00 0000002a
000500001F944A00 0000002b
000500001F944A00 0000002b.h3
000500001F944A00 0000002c
000500001F944A00 0000002d
000500001F944A00 0000002e
000500001F944A00 0000002e.h3
000500001F944A00 0000002f
000500001F944A00 0000002f.h3


000500001F947800 0000000a
000500001F947800 0000000b
000500001F947800 0000000c
000500001F947800 0000000c.h3
000500001F947800 0000000e
000500001F947800 0000000f

unk (traces of its former existence on the CDN, but wasn't backed up)


Undumped Title Keys

These were never available for purchase from the eShop and don't ever seem to have had cetks.

titleID			name			region	nsUID
000500001F944A00	akindo-monitor		unk	20010000001586
0005000010217500	unk			unk	unk