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Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
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Confirmed to exist


E3 2002 Contest

This card is wanted dead or alive; it's the alternative version of the “Kirby Contest” Cards, handed out at E3 2002. There are three versions available of the “Kirby Contest” cards: it may either show a “1st Prize”, a “2nd Prize” or a “Not a Winner” message when scanned.
The winning versions are extraordinarely rare, but we are patient. It is said that only 10 were ever made and that if someone claimed a prize with the card, the card would get hole-punched and thrown away, so that contestants couldn't claim a prize again.
Hopefully one made it out. Our affiliates and their descendants will wait for this dump for the next couple of millenniums.

Card ID Name Notes Card Pic(s)
00-A001 Kirby Contest Card (1st Prize) The 1st Prize was a Gold Pokémon Center Gameboy Advance System, a limited edition that was later sold in the Pokémon Center of New York. Dumped and datted, but MIA.

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2003

Card ID Name Notes Card Pic(s)
[none] Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2003 Dumped and datted, but MIA.


Rockman EXE

Card ID Name (Japanese) Name (English) Set Name (Japanese) Set Name (English) Notes Card Pic(s)
136-A018 ドリームビット Dream Bit ロックマン エグゼ5 改造カード Rockman EXE 5 Kaizou Card - Part 1 Dumped and datted, but MIA.
137-A039 プラネットマン Planetman ロックマン エグゼ6 改造カード Rockman EXE 6 Kaizou Card - Part 1 Dumped and datted, but MIA.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Card e+

There are 6 different Mario vs. Donkey Kong e-reader cards, which are all very hard to obtain. 5 of these 6 were bundled together in a set that could be won by Lottery
via the CoroCoro issue of August 2004. Only a 1000 of these sets were distributed. This last missing card though, is not part of that set. This particular card contains a special level for the game
and seems to be even more rare then the set of 5. At this point, this card has only been seen twice by our community, and we hope to finally find it eventually.

Card ID Name (Japanese) Name (English) Set Name (Japanese) Notes Card Pic(s)
18-M001 とびおりちゅうい! Jump down with caution! マリオvs.ドンキーコングカードe+ Only distributed at the 20th World Hobby Fair (WHF), held in June 2004. Dumped and datted, but MIA.

Pokémon TCG - Battle Road 2002 Trophy Cards

These cards could by obtained by winning in the Spring Battle Road 2002 and Summer Battle Road 2002 tournaments, which were held in Japan in various parts of the country.
The Trophy cards have the name of the contestant and the name of the city, where the tournament is held, on it. Although, we have seen cards without this data.
Because the cards are so expensive, we can only hope that one day someone comes forward with one to hopefully help us out. Lets start praying!

Card ID Name (Japanese) Name (English) Notes Card Pic(s)
129-P002 No.2トレーナー No. 2 Trainer Male variant, 51 cards distributed. Dumped and datted, but MIA.
129-P005 No.2トレーナー No. 2 Trainer Female variant, 3 cards distributed
129-P006 No.3トレーナー No. 3 Trainer Female variant, 8 cards distributed