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Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
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All known English cards are dumped.


Pokémon TCG - Battle Road 2002 Trophy Cards

These cards could by obtained by winning in the Spring Battle Road 2002 and Summer Battle Road 2002 tournaments, which were held in Japan in various parts of the country.
The Trophy cards have the name of the contestant and the name of the city, where the tournament is held, on it. Although, we have seen cards without this data.
Because the cards are so expensive, we can only hope that one day someone comes forward with one to hopefully help us out. Lets start praying!

Card ID Name (Japanese) Name (English) Notes Card Pic(s)
129-P003 No.3トレーナー No. 3 Trainer Male variant, 100 cards distributed Image
129-P004 No.1トレーナー No. 1 Trainer Female variant, 4 cards distributed Image
129-P005 No.2トレーナー No. 2 Trainer Female variant, 3 cards distributed Image
129-P006 No.3トレーナー No. 3 Trainer Female variant, 8 cards distributed Image