Nintendo 64 Dumping Guide

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GameShark Pro / Action Replay Pro

Follow the NES World guide. It has been reported that parallel port adapters don't work for this, so you'll need to find an old desktop computer. You may also want to read this article by Nintendo Player.

Retrode with N64 plugin

sanni's cart reader

64drive + UltraSave

Assemble the UltraSave unit and insert your 64drive and game cartridge into either slot. Download the dumping software from the 64drive website and dump the game.

Note on Development Cartridges

Because the Retrode and sanni's reader lack the PIF chip, development carts cannot be dumped with them. The only option is to use a GameShark or UltraSave.

Gathering Dump Info

Needed for new dumps and redumps

  • Size: The size of the ROM in bytes.
  • CRC32: Generated from the ROM file.
  • MD5: Ditto.
  • SHA-1: Ditto.
  • Cart Serial: Located on the label on the front of the cart in the form of "NUS-XXXX-XXX" (where X is a letter or number), also it may have a number (Like -1 or -2) appended.
  • Cart Stamp - Two numbers imprinted on the back label, possibly followed by an A or B. May need to view under a light source.
  • PCB serial(s): The string of characters displayed on the front of the board inside the cart. You will need a 4.5 mm security bit to get inside the cart without damaging it.
  • Chip(s) serial(s): The serial on the ROM chip inside the cart in the form of "NUS-XXXX-#"
  • Photos: The following photos (or scans) would be good to have: Front and back of the following items - box, cart and PCB.

If you own the box

  • Box Barcode: The numbers on the box displayed beneath the vertical lines, see Barcode.
  • Box Serial: The serial on the inside flap of the box. Example: NUS-NSME-USA

Only needed for new dumps

  • Game title: Most obvious, is located everywhere. Please include subtitle if any.
  • ROM Serial: The four-character serial found in the ROM data.
  • ROM Revision: The revision found in the ROM data.
  • Languages/Language Select: Some games either show a language selection screen at startup or in the game options. Note that it is possible to submit a game without checking the languages, but this then needs to be stated in your submission.

Submitting Info to No-Intro

Post the info in the New Dumps & Redumps section of the forum.