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Dumping Guides

- The guides are here for educational purposes. Any dumped file as result of this process should not be shared on the web and in p2p circuits. The text data that can identify such dump can be added to our database.

- Following the guides you may circumvent copy protections. Before doing anything you should be sure you are not infringing the laws of your country and the license of your hardware and software.

- We take no responsibility if you somehow damage, brick or ban your console or connected hardware.


- Product names and images used on this website are trademarks of their respective owners, with which we are in no way associated or affiliated. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify said products.

- This is solely an informational web site. There are absolutely NO downloads of copyright-protected works, hyperlinks to downloads or similar content on any part of this web site.

- We make no profit from this activity.