PlayStation Portable Physical Software Dumping Guide

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Games: PSPFiler Method


  • A PSP with UMD Drive
  • CFW of any type.
  • PSPFiler homebrew application, in the /PSP/GAME folder.


  • Insert your UMD, start your CFW, and open PSPFiler.
  • In the PSPFiler menu, press the Triangle button, then press R to select "UMD dump".
  • A menu will pop up prompting you for the filename. By default, it will show the media serial. Set it to whatever you want, then press start to begin.
  • You now have a UMD game dumped in the /ISO folder of your memory card.


For dumping PSP UMD Movies.

Guide needed with app UMDKiller PRX

Submitting Info to No-Intro

If you have datter rights you can submit the dumpinfo using the "Submit" form in DAT-o-MATIC.

Otherwise post the info in the New Dumps & Redumps section of the forum.