PlayStation Vita Digital Software Dumping Guide

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About PS Vita Digital Software from Playstation Network

After the Scene started discovering how Sony Playstation's servers worked and different solutions to access directly the storaged data were developed, a new milestone was reached when NoNpDrm solution was developed. As Playstion Portable and Playstation 3 had their own solutions for using Sony's encrypted software, NoNpDrm finally opened that door for Vita, allowing all data from Sony's servers to be functional. A project for datting, organizing and bringing access to the data for the users easily was developed: NoPayStation.

In the last years, No-Intro has been datting the same encrypted data that the community has been enabling access, on NoPayStation. As contributing this project helps contributing No-Intro and the other way around, we can point out NoPayStation Contributions FAQ as a guide for gaining access to the path (server link) where the data is storaged and get the proper files too.
  • [In case you are not interested in following this method, check "About PS Vita Digital Software Decrypted from Playstation Network" too]

In order to gain access to a concrete game related stuff (whether it's a complete game or its own updates & DLCs, etc.), one user needs to buy the article and have it on its PSN account attached. Then, the guide can be used to download the data.

Nearly all files for Playstation Vita from PSN come in PKG format.

About PS Vita Digital Software Decrypted from Playstation Network

In case you are not interested in following NoPayStation guide and you already own some game/update/DLC purchased and installed on your PS Vita that you want to add, you can. Using NoNpDrm method, you can extract this content and generate a fake license for it.


Gathering Dump Info

- Provide the game/update/DLC name and its region (Australia, Europe, USA, Japan, China, France, Germany, Spain...)

- Copy the PKG exact name file and submit it too.

- Provide further explanation about the PKG contents if you can (just a simple description)

- Use any Hash tool to obtain hashes from the ".PKG" file. Needed hashes are MD5, SHA-1, CRC and the file Size.

Submitting Dump Info

Register on the forum (if you aren't already registered) and once your account has been activated, post the info in the "New Dumps & Redumps" sub-forum. Or if this is a one-off submission, you can use one of the other contact methods listed on the main page.

Or if you have a login for it, you can submit the dump info directly to the DAT-o-MATIC database.

Note: DAT-o-MATIC supports importing XMLs in this format directly:, although there isn't a proper specification (or tool to generate this format from folder(s)/file(s)) yet