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The PCS[x] serials for Asia and Japan are also kinda mix between digital and card.

  • Though, the cards in Japan and Asia have a VLAS, VLJM, VLJS or VLKS serial printed on them, but have an internal PCS serial

The PCS[x] serials for US and EU are a mix between digital and card.

  • The same is true for Sony-published US games, but they don't have a differnt serial type (PCS...), just a different serial number

For EU, and US third party the serial on the cover/card matches the internal serial. For US 1st party, the card serial does not match the internal serial and is in the format PCSA-2xxxx

  • PCSA = US, 1st party
  • PCSB = EU, 3rd party
  • PCSC = Japan, 1st party
  • PCSD = Asia/Korea, 1st party
  • PCSE = US, 3rd party
  • PCSF = EU, 1st party
  • PCSG = Japan, 3rd party
  • PCSH = Asia/Korea, 3rd party

For Japan/Asia/Korea, the cover/card serial does not match the internal serial. They are:

  • VCAS = Asia, 1st
  • VCJS = Japan, 1st
  • VCJX =Japan, 1st, demos
  • VCKS = Korea, 1st
  • VLAS = Asia, 3rd
  • VLJM = Japan, 3rd
  • VLJS = Japan, 3rd
  • VLKS = Korea, 3rd

Internal serials are still the PCS.... serials and usually match the PSN release serials.



Serial Region Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Cart Owner
PCSE-01168 USA 7'scarlet [1]
PCSB-00713 EUR J-Stars Victory Vs+ [2]
PCSB-00717 EUR One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 [3]
PCSE-00644 USA Steins;Gate [4]
VLJM-35032 JPN Phantasy Star Online 2 [5] (Not amazing visual) [6] (Not amazing visual) Whovian9369