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Startup questions

On Forum

  • Info from Yifan Lu, member of henkaku dev team recommends PSVGameSD which dumps .psv (1:1 cart image), however current dat uses .vpk: note
  • Many scene releases now use .vpk, some older ones use .psv format but many do not.
    • In the official scene rules regarding PSV .vpk (link missing but findable), it is explained that it just a bunch of game files zipped into a non-reproducible .zip which is filetype renamed to .vpk. The files are extracted in a way similar to NoNpDrm. There is good reason not to follow this convention and instead opt for the new PSVGameSD with a note on the dumping guide of how to use it.
  • NoNpDRM dumps raw files w/o verification and not VPKs(?) - do more research
  • Is there any way to dump VPK w/ tools given?