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All the different firmware versions are undumped. It is currently unknown if the "take battery out for a minute" method of clearing the firmware puts the firmware in the same state as it is in an unused DS. It does not seem like anyone has made a firmware dump of an unused console. Clean firmware dumps would be done by using auto-run flashcarts (possibly) or via a hardware method that doesn't require booting the DS (definitely).Hiccup (talk) 11:38, 7 September 2018 (PDT)

If the above refers to the memory responsible for the DS/Lite "operating system" and settings, removing the battery forces the initial setup to run again (with a different language, and minus language selection) but doesn't actually clear the settings from the EEPROM; a "true factory reset" can be achieved by manually and carefully editing it (for example with NTR-EVA while referring to gbatek) but that's not exactly a byte-accurate restore to initial state (which is console specific anyway, as the firmware includes wifi calibration, etc) 10:12, 5 September 2018 (PDT) Ryccardo of gbatemp
Thanks for the info. Too bad that isn't a byte accurate method. Regarding the console specific bytes: I was thinking that things like wifi calibration data and console manufacturing date could be zeroed out in the file and stored separately, as to produce consistent checksums for the same firmware version dumped from different conses. Hiccup (talk) 11:38, 7 September 2018 (PDT)