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===Playstation Portable PSN===
* [[Sony - Playstation Portable PSN Japan undumped|Japan]]
===Playstation Vita===
===Playstation Vita===
* [[Sony - Playstation Vita undumped|All Regions]]
* [[Sony - Playstation Vita undumped|All Regions]]

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WORK IN PROGRESS! Miss list to be expanded to other No-Intro covered consoles. Please feel free to lend a hand. Generally not included in this list are roms known to be Bad Dumps and Unverified, to find those lists look here. Note that on these lists "confirmed" means a seemingly genuine instance of the cart has been found (preferably with picture proof).


  • add rest of suspected missing revisions using the datomatic tool - 3DS USA ROMs (that were datted as of 2018-06-24) are done
  • check if there is any undocumented undumped stuff listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J_Om0jFXOxcXQ7vJrY-Wik8mdGmwBSqDCf6hTL30Hxs/edit#gid=305375715
  • check for roms that are in dom but not in nintendo sheets to find fake/bad dumps in DoM and to find the "blind spots" of the Nintendo spreadsheet and DSi whitelist (e.g. non-Nintendo-manufactured games / games post-2013ish and DS games that uses the newer encryption, respectively)
  • compare serials in sky3ds template with serials in dom
  • see if certain areas of sheets (in their original ordering) other than the DS one seem to be dedicated to unreleased roms
  • File:ds pokemon distro carts.jpg

the following systems in the leaked internal nintendo release spreadsheets have been fully checked against datomatic, with additions made to the undumped lists as appropriate:

  • Pokemon Mini
  • Virtual Boy
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo 64DD
  • Nintendo DSiWare
  • Nintendo DSi Exclusive
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

the following systems have had IDs/hashes compared but not (fully) processed - the unprocessed lists can be found in the relevant sections or pages below

  • Game Boy (Colour)
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DSi Enhanced
  • Nintendo Entertainment System [unprocessed stuff can be found on wiki miss list thread on forum]

the following systems have not been compared

  • S-ROY (SNES-based arcade games?)
  • NUD (Nintendo 64-based arcade games?)




WonderSwan Color


I Can Play! Piano

Kasey the Kinderbot

Smart Cycle


Game Master

IBM - PC and Compatibles

IBM - PC and Compatibles (USB)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Misc)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Humble Bundle)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Steam)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Epic Games Launcher)


Leapster Learning Game System




Famicom Disk System

(New) 3DS Digital

New 3DS

Game Boy (Color)

Game Boy Advance


[todo: check all versions of the dsi whitelist again]

DS (Download Play)

DSi Digital


Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Switch Digital

Wii Digital

Wii U Digital


Playstation Portable PSN

Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita Digital