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WORK IN PROGRESS! Miss list to be expanded to other No-Intro covered consoles. Please feel free to lend a hand. Not included in this list are roms known to be Bad Dumps and Unverified, to find those lists look here. Note that on these lists "confirmed" means a seemingly genuine picture of the cart has been found.


  • add rest of suspected missing revisions using the datomatic tool - 3DS USA is done
  • add upcoming 3DS/Switch games
  • for each system, compare serial list made from dat+undumpedlist(s) with gametdb serial list
  • check if there is any undocumented undumped stuff listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J_Om0jFXOxcXQ7vJrY-Wik8mdGmwBSqDCf6hTL30Hxs/edit#gid=305375715
  • find stuff that's in dom but not the internal nintendo spreadsheets. see if there's a pattern and try and find undumped carts that fit that pattern. (made up example: sheets don't have non-game carts, so research non-game carts to try and find undumped ones)

the following systems in the leaked internal nintendo release spreadsheets have been fully checked against datomatic, with additions made to the undumped lists as appropriate:

  • Pokemon Mini
  • Virtual Boy
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo 64DD
  • Nintendo DSiWare

the following systems have had IDs/hashes compared but not (fully) processed - the unprocessed lists can be found in the relevant sections or pages below

  • Game Boy (Colour)
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo DS(i)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System [unprocessed stuff can be found on wiki miss list thread on forum]

the following systems have not been compared

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • S-ROY (SNES-based arcade games?)
  • NUD (Nintendo 64-based arcade games?)




WonderSwan Color


Game Master


Leapster Learning Game System




New 3DS

Game Boy (Color)

Game Boy Advance

there are more here, but they aren't labelled yet: https://gist.github.com/mariomadproductions/fb3c3422782368e65aa9839930187f67 [todo: remove all labelled ones from this list - see pages below]


there are more here, but they aren't labelled yet: these



Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Wii (DLC)

Wii U (DLC)