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WORK IN PROGRESS! Miss list to be expanded to other No-Intro covered consoles. Please feel free to lend a hand. Generally not included in this list are roms known to be Bad Dumps and Unverified, to find those lists look here. Note that on these lists "confirmed" means a seemingly genuine instance of the cart has been found (preferably with picture proof).


  • add rest of suspected missing revisions using the datomatic tool - 3DS USA ROMs (that were datted as of 2018-06-24) are done
  • check if there is any undocumented undumped stuff listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J_Om0jFXOxcXQ7vJrY-Wik8mdGmwBSqDCf6hTL30Hxs/edit#gid=305375715
  • check for roms that are in dom but not in nintendo sheets to find fake/bad dumps in DoM and to find the "blind spots" of the Nintendo spreadsheet and DSi whitelist (e.g. non-Nintendo-manufactured games / games post-2013ish and DS games that uses the newer encryption, respectively)
  • compare serials in sky3ds template with serials in dom
  • see if certain areas of sheets (in their original ordering) other than the DS one seem to be dedicated to unreleased roms
  • File:ds pokemon distro carts.jpg
  • compare the numbers on DoM with these numbers https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/historical_data/index.html
  • check in-game build dates/back of cart production run dates to determine if suspected revisions are likely to exist
  • compare the dsiware ROMs in the 2020-09-09 nintendo leak with the lotcheck spreadsheet

the following systems in the leaked internal nintendo release spreadsheets have been fully checked against datomatic, with additions made to the undumped lists as appropriate:

  • Pokemon Mini
  • Virtual Boy
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo 64DD
  • Nintendo DSiWare
  • Nintendo DSi Exclusive
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

the following systems have had IDs/hashes compared but not (fully) processed - the unprocessed lists can be found in the relevant sections or pages below

  • Game Boy (Colour)
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DSi Enhanced
  • Nintendo Entertainment System [unprocessed stuff can be found on wiki miss list thread on forum]

the following systems have not been compared

  • S-ROY (SNES-based arcade games?)
  • NUD (Nintendo 64-based arcade games?)




WonderSwan (Color)


I Can Play! Piano

Kasey the Kinderbot

Smart Cycle


Game Master

IBM - PC and Compatibles

IBM - PC and Compatibles (USB)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Misc)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Humble Bundle)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Steam)

IBM - PC and Compatibles (Digital) (Epic Games Launcher)


Leapster Learning Game System


Nintendo Entertainment System

Famicom Disk System

Game Boy (Color)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System



Game Boy Advance


[todo: check all versions of the dsi whitelist again]

DS (Download Play)

DSi Digital

Wii Digital

Compact Flash Kiosk Videos


3DS Digital

Wii U Digital


Switch Digital



PlayStation Portable (PSN)

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita (Digital)