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Page to note down ideas. Not necessarily an official plan.


Item Status
Various suggestions from retool author unexpectedpa - read them/sort into todo items:


Time Period Category Item Status
Interface Page should be responsive, not fixed-width.
Interface Search bar on every page, that can search titles+hashes+serials for every system (like redump)
Interface Solicit feedback/help on the DoM sidebar?
Interface Keep users logged in for longer
Interface Login box at top of page Done
Interface Remember last page/system/search-settings Partially done - DoM remembers the last system for logged in users
Interface Line-up languages on archive edit page - they look wonky
Interface Add option to group items together in the News section like on mediawiki. E.g. if a single user does a bunch of edits on a single system, that would be displayed as a single entry like "100 edits by x in SNES" (you'd click on it to go to that system's news page to see the details)
Interface For Trusted Dump sources, highlight if the dumper is set to !unknown/marked as unconfirmed, or if dump tool is blank/set to !unknown
Database Put more stuff in parameters in URL (e.g. for search) so that more stuff can be linked to
Database Each archive and dat (at least) could have a GUID, and pages should be accessible via URL with that ID, so that database entries can be referred to by third party projects (like Wikidata), without there being a risk of the ID changing. Also, this would allow ROM managers and emulators to identify DATs easily.
Database Locked DATs should still be viewable.
Database It would be more efficient for the user if all forms (archive, source, file, attachment) were all on one edit page
Database "Extra" (user-specified) fields like the archive has would be useful for sources and files too
Database If an archive only has some files MIA, then the tag in Search and the top of the archive page should say "Partially Missing" or something like that, not just say "Missing".
Database DAT files could be cryptographically signed so people can tell if reuploads of the dat files are genuine. Probably best to include a text file with the filename, size in bytes and sha256 of each file in the download, and then sign that.
Database Dynamic cue generation/download for Non-Redump dats
Database Create new homepage design, including easy-to-use undumped list/database lookup tool There is a new homepage design, but it could maybe do with some explanatory text based on the old one, although maybe on a secondary page. Hiccup has a draft of an improved version of the old text.
Database A new, modern, database should be developed, probably best doneas an open source project.
Database Exclude the header skipper tag in the dats by default Done
Database Add form to search for a all edits done by a user
Database Allow updaters to edit (but not delete/create/rename) Extra fields Done
Database Include more fields in the DATs, like additional tag, proto etc, license status, so people can filter stuff out client-side/using ROM managers
Long-term Database Allow customised daily packs (same options as with individual packs)
Database Maybe create ticket section for generic/whole-of-DoM tickets?
Database Add an option to see preview of datfile changes/result before saving archive/source/file changes
Database Add some way to find archives that don't have any sources with cart and/or pcb photos
Database Add option to mark dumper name as unconfirmed, like with dump date
Database Add option to mark attachments as missing/wanted (e.g. mark PCB photos as missing, if they haven't been provided). Probably should have deafult values for each dat. E.g. with SNES pcb would be flagged if missing, but not for DS.
Database Add a way to view two sections as if they were one section. E.g. homebrew stuff for a console could be split into a separate section, but users who still want it browsable as one section could still have that option.
Data Import/Export Create a YAML/YAML-like format for submissions in forums, as an alternative for the formats people end up "making up"
Data Import/Export Create a script that datters can use locally to convert the YAML format (or just variable human-readable text format) into the DoM import XML
Data Import/Export Make import XML support all DoM fields and use names consistent with those DoM fields
Data Import/Export Create schema for import XML Done
Data Import/Export Use same XML format for export (instead of the "plain text" format that doesn't have all the fields) Done?
Data Import/Export Create API to allow specific data to be retrieved/added to DoM:
  • Allows emulators/dump tools to interact with DoM
  • Check ROM status
  • Submit data directly
Simple API to check ROM status via hash is likely
Data Import/Export Change-request system. I.e. Datters could accept/reject/edit/add comments to submissions by non-datters (maybe even people without logins)
Data Import/Export Allow CSV import/export
Data Import/Export Optimise db xml export so that it works for the very large systems. Here's some exports made manually by xuom2, for convenience (even though they will soon get out of date):
New Database Fields All fields where people use commas to separate values should probably be split into multiple fields?
New Database Fields Scene releases should have a Region field, like "normal" sources. Done
New Database Fields Maybe add faster hash types. E.g. BLAKE3 (cryptographic hash, faster than SHA256 but less common) or xxhash (even faster but not a cryptographic hash).
Input Validation Some formats should have certain file extensions and vice versa. E.g.:
  • N64 - BigEndian = z64, ByteSwapped = v64.
Input Validation Game serials generally follow a certain format.
Input Validation There is generally a fixed list of PCB serials for each system.
Input Validation Some sizes are invalid (or unlikely) for some systems
DAT Generation Add the DAT IDs to the daily pack, so ROMVault etc can identify dats between renames. Done
DAT Generation For Nintendo CDN dats, include the digital serial fields' values (i.e. the Title IDs) from the source(s) Done?
DAT Generation Add category tag like redump, but with support for multiple categories Done
DAT Generation Add option to download daily pack with just numbered/just unnumbered dats.
DAT Generation Add option to rename zip/rar/7z/lha extensions to something else (e.g. adding a "-" suffix is a common one) so that ROM managers don't try to unpack them. Should maybe be enabled by default too - not sure.