Wii U Digital Software Dumping Guide

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Dumping Methods

Homebrew-enabled Console (Dumping Tickets/Keys from NAND/HDD)

[use the following, or you can probably just use FTPiiU Everywhere and use a PC tool to batch extract the keys from the tickets, if need be]



  1. Copy tik2sd to your SD.
  2. Open Homebrew Launcher (via web browser or other methods)
  3. Launch tik2sd, and press A.
  4. It may appear frozen, but eventually a message that all tickets were dumped will display; you will return to the main menu.
  5. Eject your SD, and copy the keys.txt from SD:/tik2sd/ - the keys in here are what you can share (tickets are console-unique for eShop)

Homebrew-enabled Console (Dumping Contents from NAND/HDD)

[use FTPiiU Everywhere]

Gathering Dump Info


Submitting Dump Info

Register on the forum (if you aren't already registered) and once your account has been activated, post the info in the "New Dumps & Redumps" sub-forum. Or if this is a one-off submission, you can use one of the other contact methods listed on the main page.

Or if you have a login for it, you can submit the dump info directly to the DAT-o-MATIC database.

Note: DAT-o-MATIC supports importing XMLs in this format directly: https://datomatic.no-intro.org/stuff/example_upload_custom.xml, although there isn't a proper specification (or tool to generate this format from folder(s)/file(s)) yet