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  • a lot of the stuff here should have their own fields in DoM and should be automatically checked
  • describe how to transcribe data from PCBs (e.g. chip serials, PCB serials, holes that tell you the manufacturing date(?), components on the board)
  • file attachments in PSN dats are the response header of the file download. If !response-header-retrieved-through-2nd-download is in the Comment+, that means that another download was started to get the header.
  • Sony - PlayStation Portable (UMD Music) and Sony - PlayStation Portable (UMD Video): some/all dumps have 0 byte DATA.BIN and EBOOT.BIN files in PSP_GAME/SYSDIR/UPDATE (those files should contain data). todo: An old dumping tool, fastloader or umddumper or something, may be able to make proper dumps (non-empty update files), on old PSP firmwares.

Some old dumps are underdumped too. todo: write a script to check which ones have these problems, then mark them as such in DoM - note in comment field for the 0 byte problem, and for under dumps note in comment field and marked as bad.