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Dat has not been imported (correctly) as of 2024-04-13.

This is a dat of the "Obscure Gamers" MEGA folder, made from a ~July 2022 download.

Archive Names

The following suffixes in the archive names represent the fact that those archives were in a top-level folder by that name. - 
Tera Release 1.0 - 
Tera Release 2.0 - 
Tera Release 3.0 - 

E.g. " - Collections" is the archive for files in "/". Whereas "Captain blood" is the archive for files in "/Captain blood/". Other " - " prefixes (e.g. in "Data Design Interactive - Part 1, LEGO" are just part of the folder names).

I.e. this was the original directory layout: Switch/ 2/ 3/ 4/ Mega Drive/!SORTED/ Code/ Nintendo Entertainment System/ 360/
Captain blood/
Data Design Interactive - Part 1, LEGO/
Data Design Interactive Release - Part 1, LEGO/
Debug Symbols -
Dink Stuff/
DOOM Closed Alpha (2015)/
DOOM Open Beta (2016)/
Duke Nukem Critical Mass Stuff/
Dungeon Seige III (Mar 09, 2011) [X360 ISO] [Full Dump From Non-Bitrotted Disc]/
Fixed Halo 3 March 7th build File/
group buy 2.0/
Hadzz Greg Hastings Painball Image/
Halo Reach & Halo 4 Release + HDD Dumps/
LittleBigPlanet Mega Release 2021/
mario reupload again as people lost it.. /
More Halo/
MSX Shadow Rom Edits/
OG Another Group Buy 2021/
OG Discord dump/
OG Group Buy (PAID)/
OG Saturn Buy 2021/
PixalShit HDD IMG/
pixel shit/
Previous Releases/
PS3 RAP & RIF Preservation Archive/
temp gow3/
Tera Release 1.0/Drive Images/
Tera Release 1.0/NINTENDO/
Tera Release 1.0/PC/
Tera Release 1.0/PlayStation/
Tera Release 2.0/PC/
Tera Release 2.0/PS1/
Tera Release 2.0/PS2/
Tera Release 2.0/PS3/
Tera Release 2.0/PSP/
Tera Release 2.0/PSVita/
Tera Release 2.0/X360/
Tera Release 3.0/Tera Release 3.0/
Tera Release 3.0/X360 (2)/
Tera Release 3.0/X360/
Tera Release 3.0/X360 Eurocom/
Tera Release 3.0/XBOX/
Tera Release New Year Day/
Titanfall Online Beta [Korean]/
ud eboot/
UDK Ultimate 2017/
xeeynamo hdd image mirror/

clrmamepro datfile set before the aforementioned renaming, and conversion to single XML file for DoM import: File:Original Obscure Gamers dats.7z