Nintendo - Famicom Disk System Japan undumped

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Confirmed to exist

Prize card

Serial Name Disk pic(s) Screenshot(s)) Comment
FSC-GTJE Golf - Japan Course - Champions' Course Numbered title screen with the name of the winner to the top 100 winners.
Different course from the other Golf - Japan Course prize card with 5000 winners (FSC-GSJE).


Name Romanised Name Notes Disk pic(s) Screenshot(s))
奇々怪界 Kiki Kaikai

Not confirmed to exist

From Disk Writer EEPROM Cart

Unknown entries from LuigiBlood's analysis of Disk Writer EEPROM Cart dump with CRC32 84346bed. Note that the cart appears to have bitrotted.

E�P 0000 05	[ESP?] Esper Dream (Japan)
QHO 0000 05	???
F�T 0000 01	[FYT?] Fairytale (Japan)
GHF 0000 04	???
�IK 0000 04	???
FMT 0000 66	???
UWO!0000 00	???
FMTS0000 11	???



ICEknight [Spain] at 03-09-2019

Found an old site with a bunch of not-for-resale Famicom games listed, no idea if they've been secured already:

SparTonberry [] at 03-09-2019

I think the unique games have, only some of the variations of commonly available games are dumped. Gradius Archimendes, All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. I've read the Exed Exes is literally just a sticker sent to high score winners so they could place it over the original label, so that's really just a normal retail copy as far as we should be concerned. It is known that one Rockman 4 Gold Cartridge is owned by a game shop (seen in Game Center CX) keeping it as a display piece and they won't sell it even if someone offered to pay their crazy listed price (like $6,000). STUDY BOX is the other crazy rare educational software package that I don't think is dumped, and may even only have one low-quality video showing it off, if it is what I'm thinking of.