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Nintendo - Nintendo 64
Retail: JapanUSAEurope

Aleck 64Mario no Photopi SmartMedia

Unlicensed:All regions

Prototypes:All regions

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Not confirmed to exist

Serial Revision Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Screenshot(s)
NGVP 1 Glover Listed on internal Nintendo spreadsheet, with the date 1999-02-16, so we probably need to find a cart with the ROM chip date "9907" (1997 week 7) or later. There are carts with front label serial "NUS-NGVP-EUR-1". Two were bought and checked, turned out to be a Rev 0. May not exist - Seems like Piko Interactive (who bought the rights to the game) can't find a finished Rev 1 in the developer backups. A prototype USA Rev 1 has been dumped.