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Nintendo - Nintendo DS(i)
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DS firmware

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Each entry is on the nintendo spreadsheet unless otherwise stated

Not confirmed to exist

Pokemon distribution carts

Four-character Serial Revision Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Screenshot(s)
Y44U 0 Manaphy Distribution 2007
AAQU 0 Darkrai Distribution 2008
Y58U 0 Secret Key Distribution 2009
Y6XU 0 Arceus Distribution 2009
Y7YU 0 Pichu-Jirachi Distribution 2010

Probably don't exist

These probably don't exist because they are part of an apparent group of 551 cancelled releases at the top of the nintendo sheet.


Four-character Serial Revision Name Notes
B6LU 0 Sesame Street - Elmo's Musical Monsterpiece
CYIU 0 Mystery P.I. - Portrait of a Thief
VPIU 0 Pictionary Released as *P region.

Regional Variatons

Four-character Serial Revision Name Notes
CVTU 0 Rolf Harris' Animal Shelter German and French versions were released. On lotcheck sheet in unreleased section, with no "ROM release date". On DSi whitelist (3DS v11264 version at least). Listed as unreleased on GameFAQs.