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Confirmed to exist


Region Serial Name Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Notes
World? AS2MA? Mechstermination Force
USA ACF4A Shakedown: Hawaii Cart back image is from a different "instance" of the game to the other images.
Europe AHABC 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1
USA? ASCCC? Captain Tsubasa - Rise of New Champions


Region Serial Rev. English Name Japanese Name Romanised Name Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Screenshot(s) Notes
World AABPA 3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe マリオカート8 デラックス Revision 0, 2 and 4 are dumped.
World AABQA 1 ARMS ARMS Revision 0 and 2 are dumped.
World AAABA 1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL Revision 0, 3 and 5 are dumped.
World AAABA 2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL Revision 0, 3 and 5 are dumped.
Japan ADENA 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2 Revision 0 is dumped.
Japan ADENA 3 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2
Japan ADENA 4 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2
Japan ADENA 5 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2
World AH26A 1 Kirby Star Allies 星のカービィ スターアライズ Auction link: Revision 0, 3 and 4 are dumped.
World AH26A 2 Kirby Star Allies 星のカービィ スターアライズ
Japan AS4HA 1 N/A 釣りスピリッツ Nintendo Switchバージョン Tsuri Spirits Nintendo Switch Version Revision 0 is dumped.
Japan AQ42A 1 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 救助隊DX Revision 0 is dumped.
World ACBAA 3 Animal Crossing: New Horizons あつまれ どうぶつの森 Revision 0 and 1 are dumped. Spotted on "-JPN" cart.
World ACBAA 4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons あつまれ どうぶつの森 Revision 0 and 1 are dumped. Whovian says he owns this and will try to dump it.
Japan, USA AB4PA 1 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ブラッドステインド:リチュアル・オブ・ザ・ナイト Revision 0 is dumped. This was spotted on a "-JPN" cart.
Japan ATKTA 3 N/A 桃太郎電鉄 ~昭和 平成 令和も定番! Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! Rev 0 is dumped.

Regional Variations

Region Serial Native name Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Notes
USA APVSB SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
Asia APVSD SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
USA AQGKB SEGA Genesis Classics
USA ASRPB AI: The Somnium Files
Korea BAACF 뿌요뿌요 테트리스 S
Taiwan AGY7E[probably] Octopath Traveller
USA, Europe? AUUAA AO Tennis 2
USA AECNM Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

Game + DLC Combo

Region Serial Native name Romanised name Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Notes
Japan / Taiwan AAAAG ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド + エキスパンション・パス Zelda no Densetsu: Breath of the Wild + Expansion Pass
Japan AAB6H スプラトゥーン2 + オクト・エキスパンション Splatoon 2 + October Expansion Serial from shopping sites - not confirmed via photo.

Kiosk Unit Update Carts

Photos from here

Region Serial Rev. Name Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Notes
USA 1CGNA 1 GCRD, CONTENT UPD QUEST V2 HAC-RTL !anon-2021-10-17-s73xtyie bought one of these on 2019-06-21 and shipped it to !anon-2021-10-17-on7r9azv who dumped it using a normal switch, but has not publicly shared dump info or the ROM image and it is unknown if/when they will do so.
USA 1CGNA unknown Contents Install Tool

USA undumped

Updated on 2021-10-19. Some entries may also be included in other lists on this page.
By relax, based on USA master cart list maintained by collectors at
Some cart serials are probably implied by box serials in the source. If the cart serial is found to be different, make a note of it the list on the bottom of this page, and feel to remove the entry from this undumped list if needed. That way it wont be re-added in the next update.

Serial Name Year Publisher Cart Code Box Code Bar Code
AZCDB Active Life: Outdoor Challenge 2021 Bandai Namco LA-H-AZCDB-USA HAC-P-AZCDB 7-22674-84063-7
AVV5A Adam's Venture Origins 2020 Soedesco LA-H-AVV5A-USA HAC-P-AVV5A 8-50011-11600-5
AG4RA Aegis Defenders 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AG4RA-USA HAC-P-AG4RA 8-19976-02256-1
AT6JA Afterparty 2021 Limited Run Games LA-H-AT6JA-USA HAC-P-AT6JA 8-19976-02515-9
ASRPB AI: The Somnium Files 2019 Spike Chunsoft LA-H-ASRPB-USA HAC-P-ASRPB 8-11800-03010-0
AY3TA Akiba's Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed 2021 Xseed LA-H-AY3TA-USA HAC-P-AY3TA 8-59716-00654-4
ARX5A American Fugitive 2021 Curve LA-H-ARX5A-USA HAC-P-ARX5A 8-12303-01621-9
AX9KA Ancestors Legacy 2020 GS2 Games LA-H-AX9KA-USA HAC-P-AX9KA 8-50007-03713-0
AUUAA AO Tennis 2 2020 Bigben Interactive LA-H-AUUAA-USA HAC-P-AUUAA 8-14290-01559-6
ARQMA Ape Out 2021 Special Reserve Games LA-H-ARQMA-USA HAC-P-ARQMA APE01SRG21ALT-SW
AECNM Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle 2019 Koei Tecmo LA-H-AECNM-USA HAC-P-AECNM 0-40198-00313-1
AGJFA Away: Journey to The Unexpected 2020 Dear Villagers (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AGJFA-USA HAC-P-AGJFA 8-19976-02357-5
AXSWD Azur Lane: Crosswave 2021 Idea Factory LA-H-AXSWD-USA HAC-P-AXSWD 8-19245-02069-4
AEZSA Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AEZSA-USA HAC-P-AEZSA 8-19976-02158-8
ATY4A Battle Princess Madelyn Royal 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-ATY4A-USA HAC-P-ATY4A
AE981 Bayonetta 2 (Download Required) 2018 Nintendo LA-H-AE981-USA HAC-R-AE981-USZ 0-45496-59186-1
APYJA Big Buck Hunter Arcade 2018 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-APYJA-USA HAC-P-APYJA 8-56131-00800-8
AZTMB Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions 2021 Survios LA-H-AZTMB-USA HAC-P-AZTMB 8-16819-01897-2
APVMA Black Bird 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-APVMA-USA HAC-P-APVMA 8-19976-02397-1
ARP9A Blazing Chrome 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-ARP9A-USA HAC-P-ARP9A 8-19976-02198-4
ASCCC Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions 2020 Bandai Namco LA-H-ASCCC-USA HAC-P-ASCCC 7-22674-84036-1
AZAVA Carto 2021 Iam8bit LA-H-AZAVA-USA HAC-P-AZAVA 8-50021-64036-1
ADWTA Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers 2017 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-ADWTA-USA HAC-P-ADWTA 8-34656-00045-5
AXJWA Cat Quest + Cat Quest II: Pawsome Pack 2020 pQube LA-H-AXJWA-USA HAC-P-AXJWA 8-14737-02103-6
AW8QA Chicken Police: Paint it Red! 2021 Handy Games LA-H-AW8QA-USA HAC-P-AW8QA 8-11994-02299-8
AT6PA Chronos: Before the Ashes 2020 THQ Nordic LA-H-AT6PA-USA HAC-P-AT6PA 8-11994-02266-0
AWS8B Clannad 2020 Sekai Games (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AWS8B-USA HAC-P-AWS8B 8-19976-02396-4
AXFWA Cloudpunk 2020 Merge Games LA-H-AXFWA-USA HAC-P-AXFWA 8-19335-02068-9
AVMDA Code: Realize: Future Blessings 2020 Aksys Games LA-H-AVMDA-USA HAC-P-AVMDA 8-53736-00689-7
AHH4C Coma: Recut, The 2018 Merge Games LA-H-AHH4C-USA HAC-P-AHH4C 8-19335-02018-4
A2VGA Corpse Killer 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-A2VGA-USA HAC-P-A2VGA 8-19976-02510-4
AXSRA Crash Bandicoot 4 2021 Activision LA-H-AXSRA-USA HAC-P-AXSRA 0-47875-10181-4
ATVGA Creature in the Well 2020 Iam8bit LA-H-ATVGA-USA HAC-P-ATVGA 8-50971-00882-2
AUZGA Cris Tales 2021 Modus Games LA-H-AUZGA-USA HAC-P-AUZGA
AW4TC Crysis Remastered 2021 Crytek LA-H-AW4TC-USA HAC-P-AW4TC 8-84095-20082-4
AZTQA Cthulhu Saves Christmas 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AZTQA-USA HAC-P-AZTQA 8-19976-02458-9
A282B Curved Space 2021 Maximum Games LA-H-A282B-USA HAC-P-A282B 8-14290-01715-6
AQENB Cytus Alpha 2019 Flyhigh Works LA-H-AQENB-USA HAC-P-AQENB 8-97790-00221-1
AUSSA Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence Tactics: The 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AUSSA-USA HAC-P-AUSSA 8-19976-02475-6
ARGGA Dark Devotion 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-ARGGA-USA HAC-P-ARGGA 8-19976-02320-9
ARXXA DC Superhero Girls 2021 Nintendo LA-H-ARXXA-USA HAC-P-ARXXA-USA 0-45496-59757-3
AVGWC Deadly Premonition Origins 2019 Toybox LA-H-AVGWC-USA HAC-P-AVGWC 8-53736-00688-0
AGUWB DeeMo 2019 Flyhigh Works LA-H-AGUWB-USA HAC-P-AGUWB 8-97790-00212-9
AWMGA Descenders: Extreme Procedural Freeriding 2020 No More Robots LA-H-AWMGA-USA HAC-P-AWMGA 8-12303-01434-5
ASNMA Divinity: Original Sin II: Definitive Edition 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-ASNMA-USA HAC-P-ASNMA 8-19976-02324-7
A4Y2A Doki Doki Literature Club Plus 2021 Serenity Forge LA-H-A4Y2A-USA HAC-P-A4Y2A 8-60006-40510-6
ARTLA Donut Country 2019 Iam8bit LA-H-ARTLA-USA HAC-P-ARTLA 8-50971-00847-1
AFB3A DOOM 2017 Bethesda LA-H-AFB3A-USA HAC-P-AFB3A 0-45496-59180-9
AGBLE Dragon Marked for Death 2019 Nighthawk Interactive LA-H-AGBLE-USA HAC-P-AGBLE 8-60024-00227-1
A2R3B Dragon Star Varnir 2021 Idea Factory (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-A2R3B-USA HAC-P-A2R3B 8-19245-02074-8
ARYCA Dragon's Lair Trilogy 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-ARYCA-USA HAC-P-ARYCA 8-19976-02179-3
ARSJA Dungreed 2020 Nicalis LA-H-ARSJA-USA HAC-P-ARSJA 8-52961-00827-0
AUKHB Dusk Diver 2019 pQube LA-H-AUKHB-USA HAC-P-AUKHB 8-14737-02100-5
ADWSB Elliot Quest 2020 Nicalis LA-H-ADWSB-USA HAC-P-ADWSB 8-52961-00822-5
AVTBA Everspace Stellar Edition 2019 Fun Box Media LA-H-AVTBA-USA HAC-P-AVTBA 8-50007-03706-2
AQYYB Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force 2019 Idea Factory (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AQYYB-USA HAC-P-AQYYB 8-19976-02308-7
AQBEB Fate/Extella Link 2019 Marvelous (XSEED) LA-H-AQBEB-USA HAC-P-AQBEB 8-59716-00628-4
AP2RB Final Fantasy X/X-2 2019 Square Enix LA-H-AP2RB-USA HAC-P-AP2RB 6-62248-92210-2
AXSFB Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise 2020 Imagineer LA-H-AXSFB-USA HAC-P-AXSFB-USA 0-45496-59707-8
AXT3A Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2020 Steel Wool Studios LA-H-AXT3A-USA HAC-P-AXT3A 8-14290-01676-0
AYRMA Foreclosed 2021 Merge Games LA-H-AYRMA-USA HAC-P-AYRMA 8-19335-02092-4
AQZHC Forgotten Anne 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AQZHC-USA HAC-P-AQZHC 8-19976-02374-2
ASK2C Friends of Ringo Ishikawa; The 2020 PM Studios (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-ASK2C-USA HAC-P-ASK2C 8-97790-00237-2
AWWQA G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout 2020 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-AWWQA-USA HAC-P-AWWQA 8-56131-00817-6
AZ6LB Gal Gun Returns 2021 pQube LA-H-AZ6LB-USA HAC-P-AZ6LB 8-14737-02139-5
AG72C Gal Metal World Tour Edition 2018 DMM Games LA-H-AG72C-USA HAC-P-AG72C 8-59716-00620-8
AY8DA Ghostrunner 2021 505 Games LA-H-AY8DA-USA HAC-P-AY8DA 8-12872-01727-3
APN4A Gone Home 2019 Iam8bit LA-H-APN4A-USA HAC-P-APN4A 8-50971-00826-6
AF82A Gorogoa 2019 Iam8bit LA-H-AF82A-USA HAC-P-AF82A 8-50971-00846-4
AR5CA Grandia HD Collection 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AR5CA-USA HAC-P-AR5CA 8-19976-02435-0
AY62A Grindstone 2020 Iam8bit LA-H-AY62A-USA HAC-P-AY62A 8-50021-64026-2
ARHPA Hell Warders 2020 pQube LA-H-ARHPA-USA HAC-P-ARHPA 8-14737-02072-5
AVW7A Hellmut: Badass from Hell 2019 Fun Box Media LA-H-AVW7A-USA HAC-P-AVW7A 8-50007-03711-6
AVYZB Hero Must Die. Again 2021 Degica (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AVYZB-USA HAC-P-AVYZB 8-19976-02547-0
AYQYA Hidden Objects Collection 2020 GS2 Games LA-H-AYQYA-USA HAC-P-AYQYA 8-50017-10212-5
AXTAB Holy Potatoes! Compendium 2020 PM Studios (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AXTAB-USA HAC-P-AXTAB 8-97790-00259-4
AY2JB Horse Club Adventures 2021 Merge Games LA-H-AY2JB-USA HAC-P-AY2JB 8-19335-02102-0
A2E9A Hot Wheels Unleashed 2021 Milestone LA-H-A2E9A-USA HAC-P-A2E9A 8-16819-01913-9
AK4FA Hotshot Racing (Download Required) 2021 Curve Digital LA-H-AK4FA-USA HAC-P-AK4FA 8-12303-01560-1
AXMDA House in Fata Morgana; The 2021 Limited Run Games LA-H-AXMDA-USA HAC-P-AXMDA 8-19976-02532-6
AW36A Hunting Simulator 2 2020 Nacon Games LA-H-AW36A-USA HAC-P-AW36A 8-14290-01566-4
AU5CC Hyper Parasite 2021 Nicalis LA-H-AU5CC-USA HAC-P-AU5CC 8-52961-00851-5
ALF5A Ikaruga 2020 Nicalis LA-H-ALF5A-USA HAC-P-ALF5A 8-52961-00835-5
ATDAB Instant Sports 2019 Plug In Digital LA-H-ATDAB-USA HAC-P-ATDAB 8-19335-02059-7
AVDGA Into the Dead 2 2019 Versus Evil LA-H-AVDGA-USA HAC-P-AVDGA 8-50942-00777-9
AYFYA Iris Fall 2021 Merge Games LA-H-AYFYA-USA HAC-P-AYFYA 8-97790-00252-5
ASPSC Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Infinite Combate 2020 pQube LA-H-ASPSC-USA HAC-P-ASPSC 8-14737-02106-7
AF8ZA Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition 2020 Iam8bit LA-H-AF8ZA-USA HAC-P-AF8ZA 8-50971-00869-3
ARX7B Kill la Kill IF 2019 Arc System Works LA-H-ARX7B-USA HAC-P-ARX7B 8-11122-03004-8
AWK6B Knockout Home Fitness 2021 Xseed Games LA-H-AWK6B-USA HAC-P-AWK6B 8-59716-00656-7
AEWHA Korg Gadget 2020 Nicalis LA-H-AEWHA-USA HAC-P-AEWHA 8-52961-00838-6
AZMYA Later Alligator 2021 Fangamer LA-H-AZMYA-USA HAC-P-AZMYA 8-50021-02802-2
APPAB Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy: Deluxe Edition 2019 Level 5 LA-H-APPAB-USA HAC-P-APPAB-USZ 0-45496-59666-8
ATY2A Let's Sing Country 2019 Koch Media LA-H-ATY2A-USA HAC-P-ATY2A 8-16819-01663-3
AUS6A Little Nightmares II 2021 Bandai Namco LA-H-AUS6A-USA HAC-P-AUS6A 7-22674-84021-7
ANFWC Manifold Garden 2021 Iam8bit LA-H-ANFWC-USA HAC-P-ANFWC 8-50021-64046-0
ARQPB Mario and Sonic Olympics 2019 SEGA LA-H-ARQPB-USA HAC-P-ARQPB 0-10086-77009-4
AR9ZA Mary Skelter 2 2019 Idea Factory (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AR9ZA-USA HAC-P-AR9ZA 8-19976-02335-3
AXSAC Mary Skelter Finale 2021 Idea Factory LA-H-AXSAC-USA HAC-P-AXSAC 8-19245-02073-1
AXF3A Megadimension Neptunia VII 2020 Idea Factory (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AXF3A-USA HAC-P-AXF3A 8-19245-02067-0
AJBJC Mercenaries Saga Chronicles 2018 Circle Entertainment LA-H-AJBJC-USA HAC-P-AJBJC 8-97790-00214-3
AUZ4E Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition (Download Required) 2020 Mojang LA-H-AUZ4E-USA HAC-P-AUZ4E-USZ 0-45496-59704-7
AQKMA Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Lost Memories; The 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AQKMA-USA HAC-P-AQKMA 8-19976-02369-8
ASK9C Moero Chronicle H 2020 Idea Factory (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-ASK9C-USA HAC-P-ASK9C 8-19976-02336-0
AU4ZB Monkey Barrels 2020 Nicalis LA-H-AU4ZB-USA HAC-P-AU4ZB 8-52961-00848-5
AUU5A Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 2020 MileStone LA-H-AUU5A-USA HAC-P-AUU5A 6-62248-92375-8
AYZNA Monster Harvest 2021 Merge Games LA-H-AYZNA-USA HAC-P-AYZNA 8-19335-02100-6
AQLVA Ms. Splosion Man 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AQLVA-USA HAC-P-AQLVA 8-19976-02312-4
AEDLA Mummy Demastered; The 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AEDLA-USA HAC-P- AEDLA 8-19976-08474-9
APSAC My Riding Stables: Life with Horses 2018 Treva Entertainment LA-H-APSAC-USA HAC-P-APSAC 8-48466-00117-5
ARCUA Narcos: Rise of the Cartels 2020 Curve Digital LA-H-ARCUA-USA HAC-P-ARCUA 8-12303-01364-5
A4KUA NBA 2K22 (Download Required) 2021 2K LA-H-A4KUA-USA HAC-P-A4KUA 7-10425-55755-2
AXVXA Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered (Download Required) 2020 EA LA-H-AXVXA-USA HAC-P-AXVXA 0-14633-37848-1
AHWWB Neo Atlas 1469 2019 NIS America LA-H-AHWWB-USA HAC-P-AHWWB 8-10023-03305-9
AUTLA New Super Lucky's Tale 2019 Playful LA-H-AUTLA-USA HAC-P-AUTLA-USZ 0-45496-59698-9
A2GLA Nickleodean All-Star Brawl 2021 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-A2GLA-USA HAC-P-A2GLA 8-56131-00852-7
ASQ4C Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors, The 2019 ININ LA-H-ASQ4C-USA HAC-P-ASQ4C 8-50010-75800-8
ATJKA Northgard 2019 Shiro Games LA-H-ATJKA-USA HAC-P-ATJKA 8-19335-02040-5
AVSWA Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee 2020 Microids LA-H-AVSWA-USA HAC-P-AVSWA 8-50340-00895-8
AVSYA Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty 2020 Microids LA-H-AVSYA-USA HAC-P-AVSYA 8-50340-00886-6
AREPB Opus Collection: The Day We Found Earth + Rocket of Whispers 2019 Flyhigh Works LA-H-AREPB-USA HAC-P-AREPB 8-97790-00215-0
AXUSA Overcooked: All You Can Eat 2021 Team17 Digital Ltd LA-H-AXUSA-USA HAC-P-AXUSA 8-12303-01541-0
AZSAA Override 2: Super Mech Leauge: Ultraman Deluxe Edition 2020 Modus Games LA-H-AZSAA-USA HAC-P-AZSAA 8-14290-01606-7
AUS4A Panzer Dragoon 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AUS4A-USA HAC-P-AUS4A 8-19976-02395-7
AM8FA Party Arcade 2018 Planet Entertainment LA-H-AM8FA-USA HAC-P-AM8FA 8-60108-00125-1
A2DJA Paw Patrol: The Movie: Adventure City Calls 2021 Outright Games LA-H-A2DJA-USA HAC-P-A2DJA 8-19338-02187-4
AXMCA PGA Tour 2K21 2020 2K Sports LA-H-AXMCA-USA HAC-P-AXMCA 7-10425-55706-4
AH25A Pikuniku 2020 Special Reserve Games LA-H-AH25A-USA HAC-P-AH25A PIK01SRG-20-ALT
APH9B Psyvariar Delta 2019 Dispatch Games LA-H-APH9B-USA HAC-P-APH9B 8-57126-00721-1
AXPFA R.B.I BAseball '21 2021 MLBAM LA-H-AXPFA-USA HAC-P-AXPFA 6-96055-22938-3
ATTFB Race with Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition 2020 Outright Games LA-H-ATTFB-USA HAC-P-ATTFB 8-19338-02116-4
ATRGA Railway Empire 2020 Kalypso LA-H-ATRGA-USA HAC-P-ATRGA 8-48466-00129-8
AUNYA RBI Baseball 20 2020 MLB Advanced Media LA-H-AUNYA-USA HAC-P-AUNYA 6-96055-22499-9
AWJ3B Re:Zero The Prophecy of the Throne 2021 Spike Chunsoft LA-H-AWJ3B-USA HAC-P-AWJ3B 8-11800-03018-6
AB8EA Redout 2020 Nicalis LA-H-AB8EA-USA HAC-P-AB8EA 8-52961-00837-9
AVEQA Regions of Ruin 2020 Jandusoft (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AVEQA-USA HAC-P-AVEQA 8-19976-02453-4
AVRHA Remothered: Broken Porcelain 2020 Modus Games LA-H-AVRHA-USA HAC-P-AVRHA 8-14290-01546-6
A3QEA Road 96 2021 Merge Games LA-H-A3QEA-USA HAC-P-A3QEA 8-19335-02109-9
AYZRA Robotics; Notes ELITE & DaSH Double Pack 2020 Spike Chunsoft LA-H-AYZRA-USA HAC-P-AYZRA 8-11800-03022-3
ATPCA Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break 2020 Modus Games LA-H-ATPCA-USA HAC-P-ATPCA 8-14290-01542-8
AXNRA Root Double: Before Crime After Days: Xtend Edition 2021 ININ LA-H-AXNRA-USA HAC-P-AXNRA 8-50010-75810-7
AVV7C Root Film 2021 pQube LA-H-AVV7C-USA HAC-P-AVV7C 8-14737-02140-1
AM7LB RPG Maker MV 2020 NIS America LA-H-AM7LB-USA HAC-P-AM7LB 8-10023-03182-6
A3QBA Rustler 2021 Modus Games LA-H-A3QBA-USA HAC-P-A3QBA 8-14290-01710-1
AS47A Saints Row IV: Re-Elected 2020 Koch Media LA-H-AS47A-USA HAC-P-AS47A 8-16819-01610-7
AUEQA Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AUEQA-USA HAC-P-AUEQA 8-19976-02447-3
AXTPB Samurai Warriors 5 2021 Koei Tecmo LA-H-AXTPB-USA HAC-P-AXTPB 0-40198-00331-5
AQGKB Sega Genesis Classics 2018 SEGA LA-H-AQGKB-USA HAC-P-AQGKB 0-10086-77081-0
AGJBH Senran Kagura Reflexations 2020 Marvelous (XSEED) (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AGJBH-USA HAC-P-AGJBH 8-19976-02416-9
AQR9A Shadowgate 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AQR9A-USA HAC-P-AQR9A 8-19976-02355-1
ARJ2C Shadowverse: Champions Battle 2021 Xseed LA-H-ARJ2C-USA HAC-P-ARJ2C 8-59716-00655-0
ACF4A Shakedown Hawaii 2019 Vblank Entertainment LA-H-ACF4A-USA HAC-P-ACF4A 6-28110-73210-1
AEQZA Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn 2018 Saber Interactive LA-H-AEQZA-USA HAC-P-AEQZA 8-10810-03006-3
AVTSA Shaun the Sheep: Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition 2020 Play It LA-H-AVTSA-USA HAC-P-AVTSA 8-50017-10228-6
ATWFA Skullgirls 2nd Encore 2019 Skybound Games LA-H-ATWFA-USA HAC-P-ATWFA 8-11949-03064-1
AD8YC Slain: Back From Hell 2018 Digerati Distribution LA-H-AD8YC-USA HAC-P-AD8YC 8-19335-02017-7
AJMUD Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold 2020 Level 5 LA-H-AJMUD-USA HAC-P-AJMUD-USZ 0-45496-59642-2
AXBYA Sniper Elite 4 2020 Rebellion LA-H-AXBYA-USA HAC-P-AXBYA 8-12303-01520-5
APVSB SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy 2018 NIS America LA-H-APVSB-USA HAC-P-APVSB-USZ 0-45496-59281-3
A2RYA Snowrunner 2021 Focus Home Interactive LA-H-A2RYA-USA HAC-P-A2RYA 8-59529-00769-0
AB5JP Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase 2017 Dispatch Games LA-H-AB5JP-USA HAC-P-AB5JP 8-57126-00700-6
AZT6A Sonic Forces + Super Monkey Ball Double Pack 2020 SEGA LA-H-AZT6A-USA HAC-P-AZT6A 0-10086-77021-6
ABD7A Sonic Mania 2019 SEGA LA-H-ABD7A-USA HAC-P-ABD7A 0-10086-77010-0
AZTSA Sonic Mania + Team Sonic Racing Double Pack 2020 SEGA LA-H-AZTSA-USA HAC-P-AZTSA 0-10086-77019-3
AYJYA Spinch 2021 Iam8bit LA-H-AYJYA-USA HAC-P-AYJYA 8-50021-64033-0
AXF7A Spirit of the North 2020 Merge Games LA-H-AXF7A-USA HAC-P-AXF7A 8-19335-02077-1
AV3AA Star Wars: Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AV3AA-USA HAC-P-AV3AA 8-19976-02393-3
AUWWA Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AUWWA-USA HAC-P-AUWWA 8-19976-02394-0
AMNPB Steins: Gate Elite 2019 Spike Chunsoft LA-H-AMNPB-USA HAC-P-AMNPB 8-11800-03001-8
ATJWD Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town 2020 Marvelous (XSEED) LA-H-ATJWD-USA HAC-P-ATJWD 8-59716-00642-0
AUDRA Stranger Things 3: The Game 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AUDRA-USA HAC-P-AUDRA 8-19976-02330-8
AZKTA Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All 2021 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-AZKTA-USA HAC-P-AZKTA 8-56131-00848-0
AJ4ME Streets of Red 2020 PM Studios (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AJ4ME-USA HAC-P-AJ4ME 8-97790-00231-0
A3TXA Subnautica + Subnautica: Below Zero 2021 Bandai Namco LA-H-A3TXA-USA HAC-P-A3TXA 7-22674-84052-1
AHNXA Super Meat Boy 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AHNXA-USA HAC-P-AHNXA 8-19976-02143-4
AUSLA Super Street Racer 2019 Fun Box Media LA-H-AUSLA-USA HAC-P-AUSLA 8-50007-03704-8
ASNXA Table Top Racing: Nitro Edition 2020 Play It LA-H-ASNXA-USA HAC-P-ASNXA 8-50017-10227-9
AX79A Taxi Chaos 2021 GS2 Games LA-H-AX79A-USA HAC-P-AX79A 8-50017-10214-9
APEKK Tennis World Tour: Roland Garros Edition 2019 Bigben Interactive LA-H-APEKK-USA HAC-P-APEKK 8-14290-01487-2
AHKRC Teslagrad 2019 Soedesco (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-AHKRC-USA HAC-P-AHKRC 8-52103-00668-3
ARZN1 Tetris 99 2019 Nintendo LA-H-ARZN1-USA HAC-P-ARZN1-USA 0-45496-59664-4
AZXLA The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem 2021 Outright Games LA-H-AZXLA-USA HAC-P-AZXLA 8-19338-02145-4
AV3JB The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 2021 Capcom LA-H-AV3JB-USA HAC-P-AV3JB 0-13388-41024-8
ASKJA Thea: The Awakening 2019 Monster Couch (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-ASKJA-USA HAC-P-ASKJA 8-19976-02316-2
AWZRA Tin and Kuna 2020 Aksys Games LA-H-AWZRA-USA HAC-P-AWZRA 8-53736-00691-0
A2JMA Tiny Metal Ultimate 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-A2JMA-USA HAC-P-A2JMA 8-19976-02383-4
AH5BA Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL 2019 Wired Productions LA-H-AH5BA-USA HAC-P-AH5BA 8-10810-03025-4
APVKA Toki Retrocollector Edition 2018 Maximum Games LA-H-APVKA-USA HAC-P-APVKA 8-50340-00812-5
APP9B Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 2021 SEGA LA-H-APP9B-USA HAC-P-APP9B 0-10086-77014-8
AREVA Transistor 2019 Limited Run Games LA-H-AREVA-USA HAC-P-AREVA 8-19976-02258-5
AXKXA Tropico 6: Nintendo Switch Edition 2020 Kalypso LA-H-AXKXA-USA HAC-P-AXKXA 8-16819-01827-9
AV5TA Trover Saves the Universe 2020 Limited Run Games LA-H-AV5TA-USA HAC-P-AV5TA 8-19976-02512-8
AWUSA Truck Driver 2020 Soedesco LA-H-AWUSA-USA HAC-P-AWUSA 8-52103-00609-6
ASXBB Truck Racing Championship 2019 Bigben Interactive LA-H-ASXBB-USA HAC-P-ASXBB 8-14290-01499-5
AQW8B Umihara Kawase Fresh 2019 Nicalis LA-H-AQW8B-USA HAC-P-AQW8B 8-52961-00814-0
ARX2C Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [CL-R] 2020 Aksys Games LA-H-ARX2C-USA HAC-P-ARX2C 8-53736-00684-2
ACD3B VOEZ 2018 Circle Entertainment LA-H-ACD3B-USA HAC-P-ACD3B 8-97790-00213-6
AVEKA Waku Waku Sweets 2019 Sonic Powered LA-H-AVEKA-USA HAC-P-AVEKA 8-53736-00681-1
AY57A Wallachia 2020 VGNY Soft LA-H-AY57A-USA HAC-P-AY57A 7-89993-81033-8
AW7NA WarioWare: Get it Together! 2021 Nintendo LA-H-AW7NA-USA HAC-P-AW7NA-USA 0-45496-59751-1
APWNG Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate 2020 Koei Tecmo LA-H-APWNG-USA HAC-P-APWNG 0-40198-00319-3
ATC8D West of Dead: Path of the Crow 2021 PM Studios (Dist. by LRG) LA-H-ATC8D-USA HAC-P-ATC8D 8-97790-00267-9
AVCWA What the Golf? 2020 Iam8bit LA-H-AVCWA-USA HAC-P-AVCWA 8-50971-00890-7
AURVE Witcher III: Wild Hunt, The 2019 CD Projekt Red LA-H-AURVE-USA HAC-P-AURVE 8-83929-69054-1
AVWWA World of Simulators 2019 UIG Entertainment LA-H-AVWWA-USA HAC-P-AVWWA 8-19759-02174-3
AX57A WRC 9: The Official Game 2021 Nacon Games LA-H-AX57A-USA HAC-P-AX57A 8-14290-01585-5
AS2TA Zombieland Double Tap Road Trip 2019 GameMill Entertainment LA-H-AS2TA-USA HAC-P-AS2TA 8-56131-00813-8

Not confirmed to exist


Region Serial Rev. English Name Japanese Name Romanised Name Notes
Japan ADENA 1 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2 Revision 0 is dumped. Revision 2, 3, 4 and 5 exist.
USA, Europe ADENB 1, 2, 4 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ゼノブレイド2 Xenoblade 2 Revision 0, 3 and 5 are dumped.
USA, Europe AF3CA 1 The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Listed on the GBATemp Switch cart revisions thread.
World BAAYA 1 Pokken Tournament DX Listed on the GBATemp Switch cart revisions thread.
World AEUCA 0 Minecraft Revision 1 is dumped
World AABPA 1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Revision 0, 2 and 4 are dumped. Revision 3 exists.
Japan AS3MA 0 Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch Revision 1 is dumped.
World AAABA 4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revision 0, 3 and 5 are dumped. Revision 1 and 2 exist.
World BAAQA 3 Super Mario Maker 2 Revision 0, 1, 2 and 4 are dumped.
World ATKTA 1, 2 Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! Revision 0 is dumped and Revision 3 is confirmed to exist.

Undumped editions

[todo: check scene release proof images and nfos for all of these]
These do not necessarily have differences in the ROM, but they could do.



Super Mario Party



Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze
Legend of Zelda, The - Breath of the Wild
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Super Mario Odyssey

Hong Kong


Super Mario Party



Super Mario Party
Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze
Legend of Zelda, The - Breath of the Wild
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze
Splatoon 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Party

Probably doesn't exist


Region Serial Rev. Name Notes Cart Pic(s) Box Pic(s) Screenshot(s)
World AFWTA 0 Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze Revision 1 is dumped. This probably doesn't exist because the dump of the later revision was released less than a month after the game was released. Also, Shiranui said that his Rev 1 cart was bought on launch day.

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  • Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute - bought by LongAccordian. Will be dumped when it arrives.
  • Panorama Cotton - bought by LongAccordian. Will be dumped when it arrives.
  • Cotton 100% - bought by LongAccordian. Will be dumped when it arrives.

Super Rare Games


Red Art Games

Play-Asia / Eastasiasoft


By Bumpfi

ACTIVE LIFE Outdoor Challenge / Family Trainer [US,EU][0100A21012AA6000][AZCDA]

Akiba’s Trip - Hellbound & Debriefed [US][01009E8012976000][AY3TA]:

Akiba’s Trip - Hellbound & Debriefed [AS][ID?][AY3TC]:

Akiba’s Trip - Hellbound & Debriefed [EU][ID?][AY3TB?]:

Baobabs Mausoleum: Country of Woods & Creepy Tales [EU][A2PHA]: ... obabns.htm ... /13/70djs3 ... /13/70djsj

Big Rumble Boxing - Creed Champions [US,EU][0100CCC0153F6000][AZTMB]

Chicken Police - Paint It Red [US,EU][0100713010E7A000][AWBQA]:

Cloudpunk [W][0100916011210000][AXFWA]

Cris Tales [US,EU][0100B0400EBC4000][AUZGA]

Death Squared [AS][ID ?][AECTC]:

Descenders [US,EU][0100D4600D0E4000][AWMGA]

Embr [US][0100CC6013432000][AZBCA]:

Evergate [US,EU][01009C4012284000][AYWQB]:

Farm Together [EU][010086B00BB50000?][ARBZA]:

Final Fantasy IX [AS][01007EF00B094000?][AP8CB]:

Five Nights At Freddy's - Help Wanted [US,EU][0100F7901118C000?][AXT3A]:
FORECLOSED [US,EU][0100AE001256E000][ARYMA]:

GI Joe - Operation Blackout [US,EU][0100EB10108EA000]

Ghost Of A Tale [US,EU][0100D140112BC000]:

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles,The [US][ID ?][AV3JB]:

Hot Wheels Unleashed [US]:

Iris.Fall [US,EU][0100945012168000]

Jump Force Deluxe Edition [EU][010019D010F0E000][AV67B](no nsp available):

KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch [US][ID ?]

Kowloon High-School Chronicle [EU][ID ?][AWS7D]:

Later Alligator [US][0100E8F012DE4000][AZYMA]:

Legend of Mana Remastered [JP][01003570130E2000][AZV8A]:

Moero Chronicle Hyper [AS][ID ?][AU45C](no nsp available):

Monkey Barrels [JP][0100FBD00ED24000][AU4ZC] //edit by Hiccup: the official site says that there is also a USA release by Nicalis

Morbid - The Seven Acolytes [EU][010040E00F642000][AYMJA]

Murder by Numbers [AS][ID ?][AV2VC](no nsp available):

Mystery Investigations 1: Noir Chronicles: City of Crime + Path Of Sin: Greed [EU][ID ?][AW6MA]:

No Straight Roads [JP][ID ?][AXWXB]:

Northgard [US,EU][0100A9E00D97A000][ATJKA]:

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee - Limited Edition [US,EU][0100BB500EE3C000?][AVSWA]:

One Piece - Pirate Warriors 4 [AS][ID ?][ATLZB](no nsp available):

Override 2 - Super Mech League (Ultraman Deluxe Edition) [US,EU][0100647012F62000][AZSAA]:

PAW Patrol The Movie Adventure City Calls [US,EU][0100FFE013628000][A2DJA]:

Pawarumi: Definitive Edition [AS][ID ?][AHXEB]:

Pinstripe [EU][ID ?][AQAUA]

Piofiore - Fated Memories [EU][ID ?][AXTEB]:

Pocoyo Party [EU][?]: ... coyons.htm

RICO - London [EU][01000110103E4000][AWFLA]:

Road To Guangdong [US,EU][0100735010F58000][AXD2A]:

Rock Of Ages 3 - Make And Break [US,EU][0100A1B00DB36000?][ATPCA]:

Rugby Challenge 4 [EU][ID ?][AS2UA]:

SEGA Genesis Classics [US][0100A6300B250000][AQGKB]:

SEGA Genesis Classics [AS][ID ?][AQGKC]:

Shadowverse - Champion's Battle [GB][01003B90136DA000][ARJ2D]:

Shaq Fu - A Legend Reborn [US][0100769004584000][AEQZA]:

Sisters Royale - Five Sisters Under Fire [US,EU][0100B3900F02A000][APR3E]

Sniper Elite 4: Italia [EU][010007B010FCC000][AXBYA]

Super Toy Cars 2 - Ultimate Racing [EU][ID ?][ATDPA]:

Taxi Chaos [US,EU][0100B76011DAA000][AX79A]: ... xichns.htm

Tin and Kuna [US][0100F7C010AF6000][AWZRA]:

Together! The Battle Cats [JP][01003C300B274000?]:

VOEZ [US][010004000AABC800][ACD3B]:

Waifu Uncovered [EU][ID ?][AZUNA]:

Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine - The Story of the Marionette Witch Eirudy [EU][010091F014E5C000][AZN8D]

WRC 9 [US,EU][01001A0011798000][AXS7A]: ... 1878-WRC-9

Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y [JP][ID?9][AXBWA]

Zumba - Burn It Up! [JP][ID ?][ASLUB](no nsp available):

Zombieland - Double Tap (Road Trip) [US][010004D00D32A000][AS2TA]:

From thread

Cart serials that differ from the box serials

Axiom Verge: The same cart serial AEJQB is used in the USA and Europe, even though the box serial is AEJQA in the USA and AEJQB in Europe.