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Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Retail: JapanUSAEuropeSatellaview

Unlicensed:All regions

Prototypes:All regions

(Dumping guide)

Dumped but not datted

Name Releaser ROM release date NI Forum post
[Various] Satellablog 2022-08-28 Link

Confirmed to exist

Name Revision
BS Famitsu Magazine - Kawari Edition - 6/7 0
Kirby no Omochabako - Ball Rally 0
Tamori no Picross - 4/23 0
Sound Journal Vol. 4 - J-Pop Graffiti Since 1980 - Shall We Dance? 0


RAM data

BS-X downloads programs onto the BS-X RAM for the games listed below. Each program downloads the majority of the game data onto the Memory Pak, but some of the game data is contained within the program itself, so is lost on power-off of the console.

  • BS Marvelous
  • BS Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets