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ozidual, talking about what Family Basic tapes were released:

Hudson worked with Shonen Jump I believe to release 3 sets.
The first one had a book with a single cassette that had 10 games
2nd had a book and 2 cassettes.  The first cassette had 10 games I believe and the 2nd cassette had 99 levels for Lode Runner Famicom
3rd had a book but was more a strategy guide for other games.  The cassette was mostly audio with strats.  There was only 1 game on the other side of the cassette, a simple dice one.
Then there is Game Pochette which I believe was released by the Program Pochette Magazine people (part of Technopolis?)  That had 20+ games on a single cassette I believe.  That was a long one.
There there was a cassette I saw go for I think $150 that I believe was tied to BEEP magazine (later MegaDrive magazine).  I think it had 10+ games on it.
There's also How to Program Family Basic Games or something like that, which was a book teaching Family Basic.  You could send in cash and get a cassette with all the programming on it.  A few games at the end.
Finally, there are two more books in that same series: Game Game 20 and Lets Sing With Family Basic, both which came either as a single book or with a cassette.  The Game Game 20 one seems very rare.  I've seen images but never on sale.  The Lets Sing With Family Basic has been up for sale for $90 on Yahoo Auctions forever.  The books that come with them have all of the games/music on the tapes already.
I wonder about [my dump of Lets Play With Family Basic ].  The Data Recorder has a dial on it, and I wonder if that could change the pitch or speed or something to make it work properly.  Who knows though.
We have the list of tracks that were on it, and they seem to match up with what the audio signals look like on it.
There are 3 more known tapes out there that I do not own:
1. Interesting 20, which came with the Game Game 20 book.  This is very rare, but the book (which is not rare at all) has all the games that would have been on the tape
2. Lets Sing With Family Basic.  This is in the same series as Game Game 20 and Lets Play With Family Basic so I believe the book will have the same as the tape.  I don't have either tape or book yet, but they show up on YA.
3. Family Basic Funny Game Daisuken (from BEEP Magazine I believe). Showed up once only that I've seen on YA and sold for over $150: