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India (Samurai)

  • The Samurai was a PAL NES with a sticker over the Nintendo logo. These games are expected to be very similar to the Asia PAL or EU PAL versions, but they're not confirmed. This is a running list of Samurai branded NES cartridges that have not been confirmed as dumped.
Name Region Serial Revision Notes Cart Pictures PCB Pictures
64 In One (or 64-in-1?) India (PAL) It seems to have been bundled with some versions of the Samurai.
Donkey Kong 3 India (PAL)
Donkey Kong Jr. India (PAL)
Excite Bike India (PAL)
Ice Climber India (PAL)
Kid Icarus India (PAL)
Kung Fu India (PAL)
Mach Rider India (PAL)
Metroid India (PAL)
Popeye India (PAL)
R.C. Pro Am India (PAL)
Soccer India (PAL)
Space Robot India (PAL)
Super Mario Bros. India (PAL)

Tennis India (PAL)
Twin Beee India (PAL)
Wrecking Crew
Rush'n Attack ,