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Family Computer Network SystemFamily Basic

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Confirmed to exist

Box and card serial Name Card pic(s) Box Pic(s)) Screenshots Comment
FCN000-08 Super Mario Club -09 is dumped
FCN004-01 Wako no Famicom Trade -03 is dumped
FCN006-01 Shin Nihon no Famicom Home Trade -03 is dumped
FCN009-01 Sanyo no Famicom Passport
FCN011-01 Sanwa Personal Banking Pegasus
FCN017-01 Kinki Ginkou Tasukaru Mini
FCN026-01 Tsuushin Shogi Club
FCN027-02 JRA-PAT -03 (P), -05 and -06 are dumped
FCN027-04 JRA-PAT -03 (P), -05 and -06 are dumped

Not confirmed to exist

Box and card serial Name Pic(s) Comment
FCN004-02 Wako no Famicom Trade -01 exists and -03 is dumped
FCN006-02 Shin Nihon no Famicom Home Trade -01 exists and -03 is dumped
FCN027-01 JRA-PAT -03 (P), -05 and -06 are dumped, -02 and -04 exist
FCN030-01 PiT - Motorboat Race Supposedly exists. -02 and -03 are dumped
? Famicom Fitness System scan1 scan2 scan3 scan4 scan5 Have any copies survived?